i\'m not a loser

  • by ani1199
  • posted Jul 04, 2008

a new version of my "looser" design.

Enjoy :)

Watch this

a new version of my "looser" design.
Enjoy :)


u spelled dunkin' donuts wrong


Haha, I liked the original, but I like this one waaaaaaay better!


You see, I totally dislike the winer/loser thing, would it be the same with M'I SYAWLA THGIR or something? But vvvery nice!


thx you ! yes maybe i have to change the text . ( sry for my english )


love it, but maybe the tag should be a different color


Love the idea SO MUCH-- but I'm confused-- tags go in the back of the shirt, wouldn't the words be on the other side?

Tag on front of shirt, words on back would make more sense, I think. But I love this!


eh, the words could be on the back of the shirt.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

well, you've done as much as humanly possible for the "my shirt's inside out by accident" tee design, so good show on that!


txt should read "i dressed myself thismorning"


Love it!
And Scummins: That would indeed be genious! :-P


so were supposed to wear it backwards? or is that the way youre presenting it?


I believe it's just meant to look like it's inside-out... you still wear it normally.

I would put the tag on the back but on the outside and put the text as shown on the front. It would make it a bit more "special".

I vote for a better slogan, though...

Darth Faber

Interesting idea, though I'd go for a slogan like "I'm not weird" or something non-offensive, or even a palindrome (e.g. "racecar" or "A Toyota's a Toyota")
also, the tag and front are on opposite sides when you have a shirt both inside-out and inside-in, so the saying should be on the back.


brilliant concept though - love the inside out idea

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