Polar Justice

  • by phuel
  • posted Jul 03, 2008

A little comment about our social responsibilities. Gas prices just hit 151.9/a litre here--if that doesn't work surely this t-shirt will.

Watch this

A little comment about our social responsibilities. Gas prices just hit 151.9/a litre here--if that doesn't work surely this t-shirt will.


Finally a polar bear/polar caps melting T I'd buy. Here you have something original which I think is rather nicely executed. AND my biology teacher would probably get one for himself. ^^


Thanks :-D


i like this!


Nice job Phuel! Looks good!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Ha, really nice commentary here on how we would feel if it was the other way around about global warming. I'd like both pieces on the front tho, with the hummer a bit in the distance pulling up to a cracked-off piece of glacier that the human is crying upon in the forground. A powerful vision.

Revolution Designs

Oh wow, i need this shirt. Hilarious parody of something serious in the world. I love this shirt design $5+

Purple Max

frickinawesome has a point, what if you wanted to wear it with a jacket?(better hurry!) if you brought mr.business forward, maybe had him offshore though, to emphasize the situation.
LOVE the idea tho!


Thanks for the feedback guys! Frickinawesome + purple max:- my rationale for putting the business guy on back is that a polarbear driving an SUV is a statement all in itself. The business guy on back just throws the message over the top. I'm afraid the proximity of the two might water-down the message if they both appeared on front--I'm not sure a polar bear would improve his situation very much by having an SUV on a melting ice cap--- and we'd loose the desolation that the biz guy must be feeling if he had company (and a potential rescuer).


i was going to agree with frickinawesome, but after reading your feedback here, i say you have a great point and i would love to see it left as is. really really nice sub.


I'd prefer it on the front, possibly just because I have really long hair and the backs of my shirts are never seen. Love the desigm though.

caer urfa

after wading through loads of cack I have seen some great designs today - this one included
and yeah leave it as it is with the guy on the back
hats off sir


This shirt is awesome, 5!


better if that guy wasn't smilign as he cried


thanks :-D

That's a nose (or the shadow cast by one), BedlamBoy. The mouth is omitted.

David Lawrence

Make this a shirt, Threadless. Right now.


I Second! Make it, make it now!


Sharp, great execution of an idea. I want one.


i love this!!!

olie! profile pic Alumni

Excellent excellent concept. I think you could lose the shadow underneath the hummer and maybe refine the guy on the back, but maybe that's being picky. Either way, you did a great job! 4

olie! profile pic Alumni

oh I just went to score this and realized it already finished :(
deserved better than it got


:-) Thanks. I thought it was a little low too :-(. There's already a similarly themed shirt in print (I didn't know that at the time of submission)--so that might have something to do with it. Ah well, I'll keep trying :-D



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