• by biticol
  • posted Jul 02, 2008

A small hommage to such a big person.

Watch this

i like the bottom color combo! the circle below dr. king's right is a bit distracting for me. nice sub!

Dalai Bama

It's interesting but something about it bothers me a little.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I agree dalai, i like the typography but the tribal tattoo nature of the makeup of MLK's face kinda weirds me out. So happy to see you back subbing again tho biticool, please keep it up!


there is something in the lines that is distracting... is it a matter of thickness?


what do the words around his head say?


even if you can't read the words you should still know what they say... (I have a dream)


I feel like the proportions of his face are a little off and the circles and lack of shading on his cheek make him look a little chubby.


It almost looks like a butcher's chart of where the different cuts of meat are.


I like the idea, but it really looks nothing like him. You gave him a really fat face.


its like art nouveau and psychedelia combined

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his face is a bit too chubby and looks like a the meat chart you would find at a butcher. i think its a bit to aggressive... some people might even find it offensive ..


I think it is amazing. Almost like stained glass...which lends itself to the matyrly status and yet it also has a tribal look. It's one of the most striking designs I've seen to date. I'd buy it even if I had no ideo who M L K was!

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Are you kidding? This maight be the most stupid comment i've received yet here.

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A good job, Biti !


Great design. It would be cool if different colors were added to his face to relect his embrace of diversity (cultures, races, creeds, etc)

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