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FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

No weigh-in by Mr. Radiomode yet?

I don't wanna believe it's so, but perhaps he saw this a long time ago and made something similiar to it without knowing, like brownstar said about elaine and the ziggy cartoon! I agree that concepts easily run together with other works of creativity sometimes, but there are strong likenesses in regards to kryz references as well. I just wanna hear from radiomode is all because the man has SO MANY original ideas that he really doesn't need to copy anyone elses, so im thinking this is just accidental in his case after maybe filing the images of seeing this book in the back of his brain for a long long time.

heldenstuff profile pic Alumni

I agree with FRICKINAWESOME. Radiomode is a well known artist here with a lot of good ideas and great designs. He has been on Threadless long enough to know how people react to rip offs and how it could damage your reputation as an artist on Threadless. To rip off an image is usally the mistake of newbies. I see the similarities too but I don't think he copied it on intention.


i think this is also a rip-off of that futurama episode when they zoidberg steals the box with there universe and hides in other "parallel" universes


Yes, and there's that futurama gag where they're at the edge of the universe, look through that binocular thingie and see their redneck selves waving back at them ...

I think the universe is big enough for several parallel universe gags. Love the shirt anyway.


This blog is the first google result for "Threadless poster ripoff"


the universe number sealed my opinion rip off not necessarily but defiantly plagiarized idea meaning shame on you lol but obviouslly got away with it lol


other artist should get credit


This is such a rip off. And u cant do this kind of thing subconsciously, its the exact same thing. I support Chast.

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