Take me away from this (M20 Asmodea)

  • by JW
  • posted Jun 27, 2008
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Mountain Gnome

Really Cool! I like all the movement that is in your design, it makes it vibrant and alive. 5!


Great presentation! Sorry, don't really like the shirt, because of the black blob

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

The nado is a bit topheavy for your composition.
The bottom part works lovely.
Beautifull illustration.

JW profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the feedback! I really did this with a print in mind not a t-shirt, but i guess the idea is to design for both hehe ;) It was good fun experimenting on this anyway.


Great art....just great.


I'm on the fence. Interesting presentation.

B Ray

I agree on the print thing... It looks a lot better to me if the top has a crisp edge... it kinda looks funky around the collar. Very nice work though :)


Fantastic! Bravo!

Please score my design.
Thank you! =D


I love this as a piece of artwork but I wouldn't wear it. I can't stand a big black bit coming from the neck like that, but it's what makes the illustration.


great details even if the top looks blobby

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

great work 5$



you'll get it for sure

herky profile pic Alumni

terrific illustration!


Wow. . . . absolutely gorgeous! I love the colour palette you've chosen an the ethereal mood of the whole piece. . .stunning, simply stunning. A definite buy as a t shirt or print.


Oh!!! The only thing. . .I would bring your opening of the cape/portal all the way up onto the collar if possible. AND, this reminds me of my misspent youth reading Neil Gaiman's Sandman. . .which is a GOOD thing.


(and hell definitely belongs on that sign - grew up in tunbridge wells...)
this should be entered into the true stories competition, especially as it was designed for a print.

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

whoaaaaaaa $5



eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

awesome illustration..
and is that a paraphrased winona quote from 'dracula' as the title??

thINK profile pic Alumni

wow, this is neat!

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

wow,,this is AMAZING illustrationnnnnn, and super great storyline and presentation!!!!! is a PRINTTT $5

JW profile pic Alumni

wow thanks for all the great comments! I'm open to suggestions as to what to do with the collar, and yeh i kinda assumed the big dark patch was going to turn alot of people off.

XlupoldX: Thanks for the suggestion about the collar! I love Neil Gaiman and Sandman, i actually had the pleasure of meeting Dave McKean last year which was awesome!

evercurious: I'm from Maidstone, originally from Staplehurst, I must see this part of the M20 2-3 times a week on my way back from London, so i guess thats where i got the idea from.

WBert: IMHO generosity should always be rewarded mate ;)

Eskimokiss: Actually its my own title! But the image is based on Goya's Asmodea.



I'm in agreement that the whole neck thing needs fixed... maybe if the top of the dark spot faded out before reaching the collar? Or even having the dark fabric trail off to either side of the collar, retaining the shape/folds of fabric but with the stars and moon showing through...?

Whatever you do, this had better get printed. =D

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I really don't understand what is going on here (is a woman being lifted up to the unknown because she's about to get into an accident? Am i thinking too much or not enough about this idea?), but i love the swooping nighttime element coming down to the rest of the piece. I agree, better a s aprint than a shirt, but would work nicely on either.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

frickin ...sometimes you dont need to know whats going on

as to teh design its fantastic I thin it would work better as a print but either way its great

JW profile pic Alumni

Thanks guys

FA: Have you ever been driving home on the same road, at the same time, thinking the same things, looking the same way, still married to that person, still live in the same place, still work in that dull job? I guess this is essentialy about escaping everything (on the surface at least ;) ).


Dude this is beyond awesome, shirt-a-licious and printable both. Man this is great!


Oh my.

%5. I've really got no complaints.


Simply awesome.


I'll take a shirt or print!


Oh my gosh!! I want this!

JW profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the comments everyone :)


Heh heh...fabulous, $5. Many times have I been on the M20 wishing someone would take me away from this!

Gar0 profile pic Alumni

Anyone who can include the M20 in a fantastic illustration deserves respect. You got mine.

JW profile pic Alumni

At last some fellow M20 haters! hehe thanks :)

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