It's easy to make music.

Watch this

It's under effects. It's called Atari something


It's annoying though because you can't control the pan of it. If you notice, it randomly switches which side it's on and I didn't do that. It's annoying because the bass and the other one have the same effect and are always on the same side


Wow, I like it! I've messed around with Garage Band but never end up with something like that. Good job. :)

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that is bizzare. I only had one headphone in, so I didn't notice. anyways, I'll see what kinda something I can come up with. I've been meaning to play around with garage band. maybe wednesday night or something. I got a hair appt. tonight and a date tomorrow. lulz.


lolz. at least you'll look purdy for your date

thanks boysbeambitious :)


You're song made my iTunes ugly, may I have some cover art?

I wish I had garage band.....


kekeke Framble. You makes a funny. You can use my avatar as album art :)

haha, good luck with that Rolf


o hai. how r u?


^ invisible alumni response


Nice! A couple friends and I were thinking of forming a band. With two acoustic guitars and Garageband. We never got around to doing much of anything.


cool song !

I'm having a hard time imagining it taking under 30 minutes
head bouncing to the music right now


haha that's awesome Framble. and thanks helo! glad some people like it :)

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