Think about the babies.

  • by jasonsho
  • posted Jun 23, 2008

This is a factual account of the creation of some of our greatest mythological creatures. It only takes one horse with low self esteem.

But come on Threadless ... no onesies? Babies need to know this!

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haha! Congrats! awesome shirt...

ryeofcali profile pic Alumni

omg, this actually made me laugh out loud!

empiricist profile pic Alumni

This is hilarious and very clever!


i hope this shirt inspires much cross-breeding


Wow, this shirt is freaking amazing! I love it!


Tastelessly wonderful.
You're one hell of an artist.


I don't really like this shirt.


well I guess it makes dating easier... anyone wearing this t shirt immediately gets put on the "not over my dead body" category.


-laughs- oh man, i wish i could wear two shirts at once - this and Afternoon Delight...


I'm so happy this finally got printed! Love it.


I am really surprised that this got approved by threadless.


I'm going to buy this for my boyfriend. He'll LOVE it!! Great work. Congratulations.


If only the shirt color was something that would look good on me, because this is one sweet print.


ok, so at first i was like, "holy crap! am i actually seeing this?" and then, "hmm, i don't know how to feel about that. that horse is so into it... and so is that dude. and their legs look pretty funky." but now i'm all, "oh jeebus. that is so wrong, but oh so right. maybe i should buy it."


From the "Decline reasons" PDF:

Submission Deemed Inappropriate

A submission can be declined if it contains material or themes that make us feel a little uneasy. That’s no small feat! Keep in mind that the community starts at 13...

I can see how a horse and a man having sex might not make some people uneasy, but advertising a t-shirt design that includes bestiality to 13-year-olds should make anyone uneasy.

What were you thinking here, Threadless?


the shirt is a comedic view on well know "hybrid" creatures and how they were created.
It doesn’t exactly show anything that I or anyone else would deem inappropriate. And its not like a child will have a credit card so its up to their parents and what they believe they should and shouldn’t wear

Its not promoting bestiality in a way shape or form.

I really hope that comment was a joke.


i find it disgusting. Threadless is supposed to be child friendly- and that is not. I looked at it and, honestly, didn't find it funny. It's repulsive and I don't understand how you at threadless can consciously decide to sell that.

Meanwhile the Ocelot

As much as I don't want to be The Guy Who Said This...

You people complaining do realize that this isn't really what it would look like if a dude had sex with a horse, right? This is not for-real bestiality. This is joke bestiality.


i own this shirt. the shock factor is amazing!!!!! ^_^ so much fun! thanks for the amazing take on creation.

for complainers: if you don't like it then don't look at it. parents help kids purchase shirts so they wil be smart enough to understand if a shirt may be too mature.

if you people are complaining about this why don't you also complain about the gory, violent shirts on threadless? or the violent cartoons kids watch? and the video games kids play? hell, why don't we put kids in a box cause they're friends are going to talk about girls and maturing and maybe sex...

kitten playing with grenades, women cutting off wings, the end of the world, etc.. its not fair to attack this shirt.

all i'm saying is its ridiculous for people to gotta learn sometime. we all went to the sex ed class at 10-11.


Eh. I can see why people would appreciate it. Unfortunately.


aw that's so awesome... easily the funniest shirt i've seen in a long time


Awesome design, funny as hell. Totally not digging the colour though, shame.


God would wear this shirt and be proud.

mike bautista
mike bautista profile pic Alumni

wow, jason sho green!
my sister's a huge fan of your work, it's pretty suprising to find you here. cool.

and maybe threadless would make it a onesie if you included how cupids are made.


omg. so funny. like many things on threadless, i'm too chicken to actually wear this, but it is a hilarious design that gave me a good laugh. Nice job! (Oh, and I'm a mom, and I'm not worried about my kid seeing this...)

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