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  • by Saul Good
  • posted Jun 21, 2008

I hope you guys like this. I'm quite satisfied with the design myself. Please comment and rate. Thanks.

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Saul Good

I hope you guys like this. I'm quite satisfied with the design myself. Please comment and rate. Thanks.


Pixelated wank.

Saul Good

Its supposed to look like an ink painting. Ya douche.


Is it meant to be this pixelated? or is that just your gif exporter?

Saul Good

Meant to be pixelated but should it not. What don't you like?

supertrooper74 profile pic Alumni

I don't like that it looks makes it look low quality.

Saul Good

Is it the water or the tree? Help me out here. I can fix it as long as you tell me what needs changing.


It works, but only to a point. My only concern is that the pixels at the current size in proportion to the currently proportioned shirt will be an inch squared on a regular sized shirt.

Saul Good

Oh alright. So I'll fix the water. What about the tree?


I'd fix up the diagonal branches at least. Do those and the water, and take a look again, hard to say. I don't mind the shading being pixelated all that much, but it's hard to say without seeing the new edit to compare.


Anytime, dude. I'ma watch this one.

Also, if you don't mind, check mine out, "You can really press my buttons".

Saul Good

Will do man thanks.


Yeah, dude! This is cool! I like the simplicity of it all.
Just fix up the pixelated look and it should be good to go!


Im going to agree with previous posts. its looks pixalated. I'd go for crisp

Saul Good

Alright, I made some improvements. No pixels, better water splash. So what do you think?

Saul Good

Tell me what you think.

Art By Kate

I like the bamboo, not crazy about the fish.. or rather, them together. But it doesnt stick out enough.. maybe try and find a way to animate the picture? What is it your drying to say exactly? I like the title.. but I dont feel bamboozled yet.

Check out my critiques!

Saul Good

Alright i'll do my best to make you feel bamboozled. Ha.


The bamboo and the fish look like two different art styles, they do not work together.

The bamboo looks like a live trace of actual bamboo while the koi fish looks like a hand drawn cartoon.

Saul Good

Ok i'll make the koi look better. I was wondering if it would be cool if the koi was jumping for somebody's wish coin. Pershaps yen in this case? Tell me what you think.

Saul Good

I hope you like this. I made the fish and water have a sumi-e apearance and I stamped the design. Please tell me what you think? Thanks. Oh and I was wondering if I should put a wish coin in the design.


I like it! I'm kind of a fan of black and whites. It looks a little grainy though... maybe you could use the full 640x800 for the design and soften it just a hair and then shrink the version showing placement and put it in the upper right hand corner where you have white space. Definitely give the white shirt a shadow though, otherwise it'll get lost.

4 stars for style!!!

Saul Good

Ok I softened up the image tell me what you think. I really hope you like this one.


Not bad. I like it!


this is radical though japanese stamping is usually done in the corner as way of signature... i would put it under the fish and darken the red...other than that GREAT DESIGN!!!!!!


nice idea, just need clening up


that's tight, dude!! i agree with streetlights1, put the stamp in the corner, clean up the fish and it's ready to submit!!

BTW, thanks alot for helping me through my "Sad Kitty," i really appreciate you sticking with me for all of that.

Saul Good

yeah no problem man. I'll get to work on the clean up. Oh and another thing sometimes the stamps aren't always in the corner but i'll give it a try.


I really like the concept, great idea. Stylistically I would consider touching up the bamboo tree a little bit, give it some shading (not to the degree of the fish however, since the fish is your focal point, I think, and doing too much work to the tree will keep your eye from traveling to the right). I don't at all mind the placement of the red stamp, I think that because it's the only thing in color it's wise to put it at the beginning of the desired path.


Not sure about the grey fish, might need color, and the red stamp position is a bit random, does it mean anything?

let me know that you think:


I think the fish should be colored.

Is it me, or does the image look pixelated?

jayrawz profile pic Alumni

ya the lines seem a bit ruff.. otherwise i would prolly wear this

Saul Good

Alright I made the lines less rugged, I moved and darkened the stamp and I also cleaned the fish up a bit. I hope you like it please comment and rate. Thanks.

Saul Good

Anymore suggestions?


I do like the concept....something about the tree bothers me. Maybe make it smaller?


LOL my first thought when i saw this was
wow this is very asian xDD
i love the little red stamp thing on the right
reminds me of when i get red envelopes for new years xD
i like the bamboo tree the way it is
i think the only thing i dont like is the fish's eye LOL it looks like its staring at me
i think i like V3's fish eye better
and V4 overall (except for the stamp).
btw, thanks for the crit (:!

Saul Good

Alright thanks I'll do that. Any more thoughts?


Your almost there. I think your overall craftsmanship is still an issue. I love the idea of getting a brush stroke feeling in the design, but I don't think you're going to achieve that effectively with pixilation. Try maybe downloading some sumi type brushes off the internet for photoshop. That could help clean up your line work, make it look more professional, as well as give you the effect your looking for. Also I don't think the branch over the arm pit will go over too well in the printing department.

Saul Good

Alright I'll do that. I was just trying the dry brush look on the tree. I'll also get rid of the leaves in the arm pit. Thanks. Any more thoughts?


Yeah I totally dig the dry brush idea. It just needs to be executed in a different manner.

Saul Good

Alright I'll try to improve that. Should I make the bamboo look like its painted on canvas with an up and down stroke appearance.


Well, have you seen a sumi painting before? The subject matter is painted in a series of single brush strokes. In one quick wrist movement a leaf is created or a section of bamboo is drawn. There is no back and forth motion. It's gestural. I would suggest that you do some research, take a look at some new and ancient paintings that have been created in the sumi style to get a feel for it. Your practically there. you just need to enhance the gestural qualities of the design, and then I think you'll have a great submission.

Saul Good

Yeah for a second I forgot about my whole sumi-e scheme of mine. I do know what it is but thanks for remindin. I'll definitely do that.


Thanx for the comment on the puzzle piece shirt. I like yours but i think you should move the red stamp over to the left or above the fish. You cant really see it.

Saul Good

Alright I made it look more like a sumi-e. I hope you like it. Please comment and rate.

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