Life Cycle

Watch this

that is pretty sweet. Maybe on something other than orange though.

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I think it would work better in a doesn't really fit with a cycle since grandpa isn't about to hop back on a tricycle.


cool and agree^


neh, keep it in a circle. the idea is for "cycle" to have two meanings, so it should be in a circle. And hey, if you believe in reincarnation then the old man DOES go back to a tricycle. So there.


Woah. Yeah, maybe non-orange. I like the circle. The order doesn't made total sense... the bottom two bikes look like different eras of bikes, or a girls and a guys, maybe. But it's enough that I "got it."

Beautiful art, stellar design, good placement, and a good concept.

5 and a buy.


def in a line... $4


In a line... but awesome idea! 5


no orange...and maybe put arrows between the bikes to show that it is a cycle.

The Lone Hipster

Pretty cool, But I'm not digging the colors.


placement is strange. and unicycle and motorcycle should be included.


the design is cool as is the drawing. i like the idea of putting a motorcycle in it!


Motorcycle=midlife crisis? Or Young hooligan?

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very nice, but took me a second. as said before, it would work better in a line, and the first bike should be a tad smaller. im not sure about the motorcycle... i think it would completely change the design, but maybe that's what some people like. i dont think you need it.


Cool Idea, but I agree with the color comments and the line versus circle comments above.

If anyone here gets a chance to comment on my critique request, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.


i agree with a motorcycle, because currently all the bike sort blend into each other considering their similar shape and perspective. The walker is an abrupt change in size, and while cerebrally I appreciate it, visually, it doesn't feel like a natural progression. Adding a motorcycle in the middle would help to break the repetitiveness of the forms of the bicycle.
Also, why is the walker facing the other direction from the rest of the bikes?


Brilliant Idea...


It needs a stroller. I like it :)


Not everyone gets a motorcycle. A stroller would work, but w/ too many "cycles" it will get crowded and lose it's simplicity.

It depresses me a little, but i like it.


it needs more work. if you out it in a line and decrease the size of each one as you go from one to the next


I can't believe you haven' scored anyone else's design. Maybe that's why you haven't been printed?


line it uppp
i like it

The Laughing Gnome

nice, but definitely not in a circle. A line would work better.


I would like it better in a line, or at least a more circle-y circle.


too many images to be in a line. and some overly sensitive person will cry foul if they are near the breast area as it so often happens here in threadlessland. leaev it as is but the colors are a bit bright



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