Bakery Poll

Watch this

LOL. this made me laugh.


cute. maybe add more physical features to the pastries to make it clearer who they are and take out the signs. i like it!

Stan Gable

Sorry Doug
Design number One Hundred and Sixty somethin
and still no dice
and I cant help but notice you still havent scored a single design either
If you thought this was gonna be some source of income
thats gonna be a big swing and a miss(kind of like all your designs)


Above comment stfu please, thank you. Awesome design!

Stan Gable

just because its pro-Obama doesn't mean its good
I voted for Obama in the primaries
and I will in the Election, but that doesnt mean the design doesnt suck


Maybe you should try explaining what you find wrong, instead of just saying it sucks...

Stan Gable

look at all of Dougs One Hundred and Sixty somethin desgns
and you might start to get an idea

not a lick of inspiration or real creativity


Another reason I hate the internet sometimes: Stan Gable

Stan Gable

Another reason I love the internet sometimes: iDanSimpson


Uhoh, Obamas got a hole in his head.


lol! im totally not into politics, but so cute!


perfect- hurry and print!


haha The first political shirt that I'd actually wear!!!

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