Just a Hop to the Left...

  • by Kresta
  • posted Jun 17, 2008

It's just a hop to the left...

and then a step to the rii-iii-ii-ight!

P.S. This is an 8 color design, however this submission will count something like 36000 because of the sample shirts and antialiasing for the purpose of making the much smaller submission appear less grainy.

Watch this

It's just a hop to the left...
and then a step to the rii-iii-ii-ight!

P.S. This is an 8 color design, however this submission will count something like 36000 because of the sample shirts and antialiasing for the purpose of making the much smaller submission appear less grainy.


I hope you know the actual lyrics are It's just a JUMP to the left...


this is wrong... what about my childhood??


kermit's been crucified!


No, Kermit's learning "The Time Warp." And yes, xPunkX, I know the real lyrics, but like supertrooper astutely pointed out. frogs definitely HOP...

Lol... Sorry about your childhoods, but the idea of smooshing the two cultural superpowers proved irrisistable.

You guys are just lucky that Ms. Piggy's snout looked so wrong over the infamous lips, or there'd be a small design on the front as well...



He needs a corset.


Crass and hideous; my kinds of shirt!


Who is FrankenKermy's Rocky? Fozzie or Rowlf? 5


don't change kermit!


I think FrankenKermy's Rocky would be... Scooter? LMAO...

Piggy is definitely Janet.
RiffRaff should be RiffRowlf, though Sam the Eagle did resemble him more.

Hmm... Magenta? Janice perhaps.


This frightens me, and then I laugh. So, double pee in my pants. Thanks for that!


Shouldn't his hands be on his hips if his knees are drawn in tight?

thank you for not drawing kermy doing the pelvic thrust part.


Actually, Leighlee, I tried that. But that made the boa go across his shoulders and cover his pointy collar and then you couldn't tell that it was Kermit right away.

So instead I went with the awkward "this is my first time dancing in strappy heels" approach. I think. Lol.


NICE cross-dressing kermit - AND you cleverly dodged the copyright laws by turning him around, good job.


Thanks D!

Um, nobody is commenting onshirt color . I'm in favor of the charcoal myself...


$5 good job.

I have critiques open please check out panda with a gun. you give good advice. I found your entry through a post for sad kitty.


oh gawd! I don't know if I'd wear it (it's a little big-lined for me) but I have to $5 it!

Out of the choices given, yes, charcoal.


i've never seen rocky horror before...but i've seen clips and i know what this is from. I like it! good job!

Omerican profile pic Alumni

this is wonderfully dirty. just dont make the pantyhose ripped at the same height, it makes it seem like you just mirrored the image. in fact, i would completely redraw one of the legs at a different angle...


smaller print. too funny!


This is so wrong. And I'm laughing so hard.


I agree with nigerlull. He needs a corset to be resurrected into Dr. Frank-N-Furter.


This is magnificent. The mental image of muppets doing the time warp cracks me up.
I like the black quite a bit and I love the flipper detail in the heels. Also, I don't think the size of the design should be changed, I like the way it is.

thelastmagician, if I knew you, I would kidnap you for a day and make you watch Rocky Horror!


Lol.. I agree Nauti Nun. Everyone over, well, 17(?) should be in the know about Rocky Horror. But I think the first time should be live...

Sort of like sex. I mean, watching porn before you actually "do the deed" isn't the best way to introduce yourself to the genre.

Hehe... Thanks for the comments, Nunny Bunny.



Kermit is straight!


He's not a sweet transvestite from Piggyvania?

Hehe... what would you guys think of it on the back instead of the front?


This is already incredibly awesome, and if he had a corset it would be all the better. I knew from looking at the image if was rocky horror based, but I'm not sure if others would pick up on that. I'd like to see miss piggys snout with the lips D:
5$ anyway for this sexually stimulating image


i love this i will definitely purchase one if it makes it!


Thanks guys! You know,I have to say that since I've started submitting designs, I score other designs differently. Trippy and Wondre - you guys seem to be on the same page I am.

Before, I would say "Oooh, it would be better if you tweaked ___" and give it a lower score hoping for the change.

Now that I submit ideas, I know that even though a tweak (like giving Kermy a corset - which I would love to do) might make a design better, I should give it an honest score up front. Threadless DOES NOT let us resubmit designs with small tweaks like that. It has to be a complete overhaul.

If I have it to do over again, I'll throw in a corset. Unfortunately, everything else will have to start from scratch - and I'll probably have to switch it to Big Bird or something.

Lol... thanks again guys.

Jest the Bat

wait why isn't he facing us?


To do him from the back is okay, but head on and you've got legal trouble.

That's why there's also a shirt with Darth Vader trimming a potted tree to look like the Death Star, but it's from the back.


Shirt color: Not purple.

Charcoal for sure, and black would be okay.


Yeah, I'm with you on the charcoal. I this is one of those things that you would immediately want to look like you'd had it for a long time, and charcoal certainly does that.


Okay guys. Last day for voting. Anybody forget? Please?

And I still need to know about rule 34?


i cant believe you would do this to kermit.
i would never wear this.


Where is the green of its skin which I like so much :(


I started with the green, but it looked too busy. Some suggested that grayscale would be more goth and, therefore, even more ironic. Kermy is soooo not goth...or is he? :)

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