Hey, that\'s not Sake!!

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haha iIt's true! 5




you don't need the "tipsy" marks around the geisha's head. it's funny and clever without them. nice job and print!

the late repentant

i like the background you've put the image on best. it's really nice!x


dude, not to be nitpicky, but that dress looks chinese.


Thanks all for the comments

And Cinnamingirl, this dress is certainly a Japanese Kimono, I'm had inspired in Geishas for draw this image.

obs: sorry for my wrong english =]


I would sooo buy this if the background was part of the tee...maybe all the way to the seams or even a possible belt print?


I LOVE tequila!


I'm confused how this kimono looks even remotely Chinese.

I do like this design, but I like the Aztec Rising Sun, too. Too bad it's not on the shirt. Is there a reason you couldn't work it in somehow like you have it, with maybe uneven rays so it's not the box-shape that everyone loathes?


cinnamingirl, yeah, you dont' know shit...this dress doesn't look (and isn't) chinese at all...


Neat concept! The illo looks cooler in presentation form than it does on the shirt, though.... I still love it though. Snazzy the shirt up, and you might have a winner!


I like it but I would've liked it better with the sun... You could put it in and fade the rays into non existence.... btw I would gradually increase the width of the rays.
I'll give you 4/5 for now but with the sun I would buy it (with a 5 of course).
Good luck!


Yeah. the background as part of the design would be sweet.


Thanks for all the comments!

About the background, this can be add in tshirt without problems!!

Someone know if can i change the image in contest?


Kogepan, i'll work in this idea and i will post the image in here soon!



this is at popdeck
shouldnt you wait until that contest is over?


Ah, about this, missing few days to the end of voting and I had a few votes there....so, i put my image in this contest too...


i would honestly LOVE this shirt if you had the background on this image actually ON the shirt!


agreed! background looks amazing!
(: i like the spanish writting on a japanes bottle!

cameron kim jones

no offense, but the background is cooler than the design.


Would definitely buy the background design as a tee. Great concept.


I really like this, but I agree the background should be part of the tee. $5!


i agree with wishing the background was part of the shirt.


The second version with the background incorperated is much better. Just to be picky I'd like it something other than white, but still great.

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