Misfortune Cookies

No specialty inks required.

Watch this

I can't read what they say?


....what do the cookies say?


I can't read the misfortune =(
Is it a secret or is it something u would like to share with us?

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Here's a link to a bigger version of the art...so you can read it. Sorry

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Or, you can click on my name and it will take you to my profile, with the flickr page.


I really like the look of this. But why so negative?

courtney pie

i can't find a link, but Happy Bunny made misfortune cookies.


I really like the the art. Great concept, too. The misfortunes are ok - I'm sure you'll think of "better ones" long after this submission. The only thing technical that bothers me is how the lettering aligns on the paper slips. They look like they were warped using the text filter in Photoshop, which looks a little unnatural. If that were fixed, I'd buy it.

"There's no silver lining in your cloud."
"You've come to a dead end."
"From now on, everyday will be a bad hair day."

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courtney pie, the link is above..you have to cut and paste...or click on my name (like I said).

DYurchuk...I actually drew a path in Illustrator following the shape of the paper and used the type on path tool to do the text...I understand about the "unnatural look" though. Your misfortunes are good, but I am not unhappy with my choices (not at the moment anyway).


i can't read what they say....


some people apparently don't take the time to read looks at person above me (or needs new glasses)

they say:

"prepare for the demise of a romance"

"tragedy lurks in the distance"

"a dark cloud will appear around every corner"


After going to the 'trouble' of reading the cookies on the Flickr page I come back to find Plush2you has already facilitated everyone with the text,
so no more excuses and give it $5!


I like it and I gave it $5.


it´s funny!


I actually had the same idea once, then a company started actually selling misfortune cookies!


"Your misfortunes are good, but I am not unhappy with my choices (not at the moment anyway)."

That was brilliant :-D
I liked that better than the misfortunes.
Quick and funny!
For that, a 5!
Yeah. Nice job on the cookie art!


I love it! Please don't make it on yellow though! What about purple or dark blue? :D

Josh Pereira

Nice, need to see the detail ;o


cant seeeee


Yes they are MISFORTUNEate, but I believe that's the title...
Way to go guys ;)


your style is kind of like a paint by number but in likable kind of way. nice 5


i like it but i cant really see what it says soooo i give it a 4

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yeah, yeah...I realize that you can't see it. It was my first threadless submission and my novice mistake. That is why I posted a link to my flickr page and said that if you click on my profile you can view a larger image there. Geez!

Hey Miguel

what do they say!!!! (please don' hit me i'm only joking)


I'm scoring you down for yelling "Geez!" at your fans.

Threadless voters should not have to off-site to look at more images, even if it was a goof up.

I'm giving you a pi symbol.

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But pi equals 3.14something, right? So that's pretty good. Thanks

courtney pie

i didn't mean your link, i meant a link to the Happy Bunny misfortune cookies.

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courtney pie - oh...I misunderstood. I searched it after you said that and saw that there were actually 3 other similar designs. This was my first submission, and I didn't even realize there was a search function. The three other designs were all a bit different though...and mine was obviously the best ;)

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awesome shirt dude, and thanks for all the comments


they should try to print the word alittle bigger
other than that it pretty cute!!

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