One second...

Finally Got Copied...

Watch this

Sucks they didn't just ask you to do something. Lame of them!!

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Oh man! Congrats and that sucks!


Yawn is one of my favouritest shirts ever, by the way.


But then again, it was only a 'highly inspired' work.

noponies profile pic Alumni

I reckon a punch should sort them...not much I can do I guess..


punch in the guts!

noponies profile pic Alumni

check the new link


Beat them with their own umbrella.

(I thought it was a liquor bottle until I went to the webpage, which is the whole marketing idea, I suppose).

Threadless might be able to send them a polite, legally weighted note of some kind. Internationally they may not have much clout but maybe the umbrella company just didn't know their designer was ripping someone off and they'll do the nice thing and fire him.


Threadless should just beat them at their own game and make umbrellas.

Steve The Great

very fancy should be honored and much richer.


laser beam, activate!


that's scary^^^

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