Beethoven Hates Rap and Techno

I would like to think a lot of our music isn't exactly up to par as the classics.

Watch this

I would like to think a lot of our music isn't exactly up to par as the classics.


HA that's terrible!


i think he'd love it, and he would have beatiful babies with enya


fany-pack-tastic! Very, very, very, very funny
5 for me

John Holland

Great one for musicians. I think the '*or dead' needs to be on the bottom of the front side, still keeping the figure and speech bubble on the back - just a thought.


Yeah, I'd put the "*or dead" on the front of the shirt. But otherwise, $5.


P. S. Also, I'd like to see a black background and yellow font. :-)


i just like Beetoven saying "what?" if it was just that i'd wear it.


Are all people who submit good slogans just going to skip the middle man and put them on shirts now?


2 comments - I don't like the "or dead" addition. It ruins the effect.

It should say "If Beethoven weren't dead" rather than "wasn't dead".

If Dickens weren't dead, and he read your t-shirt, he'd have a seizure...;)


perhaps you should use a different font


i have a question
say my designs do not make it...
can i re-add them to the running later
but updated and made better?


yeah i think if you change them enough from the original sub you can re submit them


I say drop the front, move Beethoven to the front and keep the "what?" word bubble.

Then you'd have a winner.


i was thinking about just having beethoven
but i really liked what i wrote


I'd wear it, not just because I've known you forever lol

Gelatin Rabbits make Very Good Hats

Ehhhh... the font....

But the idea is great! Like a giant rabbit crammed into your bedroom, and when you open the door, it just stares at you. That wasn't sarcastic. Neither was that.

I really like it!


I think beethoven would be gettin' low in his apple bottom jeans.

That's just my opinion. ;)


did you actually draw beethoven?


beethoven might like flo-rida

Reminds me of "Shakespeare hates your emo poems" too much.

I like just the head with the speech bubble.


I love it. Agree with moving it all to the front though.

aled profile pic Alumni

I'd say this should be submitted as a slogan becasue the image of Beethoven adds nothing.


I'd also like it if it just showed Beethoven saying, "what".


I totally agree with those above wanting just the head with the speech bubble, on the front. That would be awesome :) Lose the rest.


if this doesn't make it
i am going to do that

jayrawz profile pic Alumni

beethoven would get on the p-diddy remix of the 5th symphony


haha, I think Chuck Berry and The Beatles agree with you!

At first I didn't like it, because it reminded me to much of the song "Roll over Beethoven", but after thinking about it longer, I like it!


Isn't Beethoven a dog?


i would give it a 5 if it was just beethoven saying "what?"

but what you wrote is kinda stupid.


I'm not sure about the Design but you deserve a 5 for the sentiment.


I don't like the slogan since good music is out there, most people are just to lazy to look for it and support it. Heck, Aphex Twin has piano pieces that blow most classic out of the water.

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