iTunes OCD

Let it be known that I am generally a messy person, but my iTunes is almost perfect.

Things that bother me in iTunes:
1) Singles. Complete albums only please.
2) No album artwork. Album artwork is meant to go along with the music, so why not have it?
3) Low quality music. I just started re-importing my music using the Apple Lossless encoder. Yes, you can notice the difference.

There are a bunch of music people on here. Do you have crazy OCD when it comes to your music?

Watch this

my itunes is a wreck


I will personally come over dressed in a sexy maid outfit and clean it up for you if you'd like.

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yeah, im super sloppy in life but i keep my tunes meticulously clean. i hate when a band name shows up twice on my ipod or when an album cant play all the tracks in. I also now even make sure everything has the proper dates tagged these days. worse is that i have like 120GB of music so i need to devote entire days to sorting my itunes


I got more singles and random crap than you could shake a stick at.

It would really be a waste of time to shake that stick...


i'm totally with ya on the no album artwork
i'm not sure what the Apple Lossless encoder is (i'm very technologically unsavvy : (


My life is one big OCD mess, including itunes. Although my itunes OCD isn't as strict as yours, I do like to have all album artwork, and everything needs to be in the right order. But music isn't important enough for me to care.


i do have some singles but, i try to keep my iTunes as neat and tidy as possible


oh my! tempting!


Yeah, biotwist. I have about 250GB of music, and it took me a long time to get it the way it is.

The Apple Lossless encoder is just an audio encoder that does not lose any information transferring from the CD to the computer. When you convert a song to an mp3, some of the information is lost


Mine is very neat... mostly because its all from the iTunes store.

My computer crashed and iTunes let me download it all my music again for free. Wasn't that nice.


I'm sorry, but I hate the iTunes store. They sell you songs then limit what you can do with them. What's the bit rate on those?

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i don't use itunes because i think it sucks horribly.

but my winamp is absolute perfection. i have a very strict method of labeling my mp3s.


What don't you like about iTunes?

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it's extremely bloated, hogs a lot of memory, and i don't find it very user friendly. also, i don't own an ipod, so i really have no need for it.

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and i hate that it's packaged with quicktime these days.

the czar

I just spent 5 hours reorganizing my cds.
I also am a nut about the art, I hate when a download fails to bring the art with it.


so is the Apple Lossless encoder something you have to download er...?
embarrassed by my display of computer ignorance

the czar

No it is just a setting in Itunes,
Go to preferences - advanced - importing and choose import using lossless encoder


Thank You, the czar! ( :


the czar - are you the bassist that I talked to earlier? I think you sent me some songs. Do you have a complete album yet? Your songs are exceptions to my perfectly organized library haha

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schleb, I'm the same way. try out MediaMonkey for all your organizing needs -- it's amazing.

the czar

No no new songs recently, although we have re-recorded some.

Here's a cool photo I took you can use for the cover

the czar

Oh and your are welcome orwell


Nintechno, it seems like MediaMonkey only works on Windows. I'm a Macman. Don't worry, I'm set with iTunes. It may not be as nice, but with a lot of time, it can be beautiful.

the czar - that is an awesome photo. Do you guys have a website I can check out?

the czar

No no website, we are really no longer a band, we just get together and jam every once in awhile, and maybe record. Occasionally I go to gigs and jam with the other guys.


I have itunes OCD too.

I used to not care about artwork because I'd just close that teeny little window. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

But I've just discovered cover flow, so I used the "Get Album Artwork" option and now most of my albums have art, however some is missing.

Does anyone know what the standard size of the CD artwork is, so I can create my own? I don't want different sizes (OCD, remember ...)

Shit, my room is a mess.


Worked it out. 600 by 600 pixels.


Do you scan all of your album artwork? I just use an amazon widget I found at


I haven't tried the widget. I assume it would have the same stuff on it that the iTunes option does though, but I'll give it a go, thanks. I used Google IMage search to fill in some of the blanks, Everything left over now are Australian-released compilation albums which I'll probably have to scan myself.


I use the Amazon widget too. I hate it when I can't find an album cover.


my itunes is really unorganinezd . In my ipod Voxtrot appears twice on my artists how do i fix that ?


Try Highlighting all of Voxtrot's music and doing command-I then typing Voxtrot into the Artist field


im pretty ocd.
i usualy only like full albums
and i always make sure i get the proper abum artwork..
somtimes i just get 2 or 3 songs from an album.. if im not too into it.
and i only have 7 gb's of music, i only like to get what i'll actualy listen to.
so eventually ill get around to listening to all my music.


I hate when you get artwork in that rectangular format. If you buy a CD and it has one of those cardboard slips over the case then technically it's rectangular, but my iTunes artwork has to be square. I'm a freak.


I freaking go nuts when I find something wrong in my iTunes. The worst is when I get my music just how I like it, and I get something from a friend and they didn't have their music up to the same standards as me. Then I hae to go through my music again to make sure it's correct.

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I have fuckloads of singles and hardly any album artwork. It does bother me that my library is not impeccably organised - a lot of track details are missing and I hate that some are in lower case. I'm in the process of sorting it using MusicBrains Picard but it's a long and tedious process.

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Lol, love how this thread has been raised from the dead.

I use the Zune software, and surprisingly, it's so much more streamlined and user friendly than iTunes. It also grabs album artwork for you, so my music is immaculately ordered and filed :D

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