I love getting these emails.

Hi from CafePress.com!

We want to let you know that you made a sale at one or more of

your shops! Way to go!

Here is a summary of the items you sold:

1 Jr. Ringer T-Shirt (sweetdrawings9.39708578) - Size: Small - Color: Pink/Salmon @ $17.99 = $17.99 ($1.00 commission)

1 Ringer T (sweetdrawings9.39708575) - Size: X-Large - Color: Black/White @ $15.99 = $15.99 ($1.00 commission)

1 Ringer T (sweetdrawings9.39708575) - Size: Small - Color: Red/White @ $15.99 = $15.99 ($1.00 commission)

Log in to your account at http://www.cafepress.com and check out your

Sales Report to see more info.

Thank you for your contributions to the CafePress.com community and keep

up the good work!

Happy Selling!

I get reminded about every 6 months that I have a cafepress account. I made some drawings in MS paint in middle school and uploaded them. I have almost made enough commission to actually get paid!!!!

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Malcolm Man

Hell yes!!! Way to make some money dood!


Woohoo! I love selling overpriced low-quality apparel!


I'm going to Disneyland!


Good stuff. Oh Cafe Press


i really dig the arrowheads one


$1 commissions?! that's crazy talk man.


Thanks :)

Yeah, I don't care that much about making money. I don't want to charge people $20 for a t-shirt just so I can get my $5.


Feel free to buy any....


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