Awesome design, but I just can't wear pink...

That's how I feel about it. I think Threadless should start offering in MULTIPLE COLORS! That would be fantastic..this would like great in...uhhh...not sure (you tell me), but I just don't wear pink. =]

Watch this

im going to wear pink when i get this shirt in the mail today.



It sold out in a guy's size before it did in a girl's and will likely sell out in guy's medium next.

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ummm it's not pink... it's fuchsia. Also, just try it. Just wear it once, see how many compliments you get. Fuchsia is like the best color for a guy's shirt ever, but they are hard to come by.


well, i am a girl and i agree, i really don't like pink. I wish this was in like dark grey or something else. Maybe pink outlines would have been better, i don't know...I still might get it anyway since the designs so awesome and all!


It had to be printed in fuscia for that authentic 80's hairdresser-chic vibe. In white it would just look cock, but in fuscia it makes the wearer instantly look like Pete Burns.

So, erm, no difference really. :o/


I love this shirt so much I'm willing to wear it in pink


Well, the Pacific Blue version did look heavenly, and I would wear it that way also, but the fuchsia is orgasmic.


I wear pink but not this fuscia.
This is just too hot pink...doesn't go with my personality or style
I love the design but...if only it was on Pacific Blue...


I agree, this on Pacific Blue would be great. Its a big enough stretch for me to wear purple, fuchsia just doesn't appeal to me.

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I will wear pink because I am a man man man manly man.


now you're a man, MAN!, a man-y man-y man-y man!

now you're a man, MAN!, M-A-N, man, you're a m-maaaaann.

now you're a man.


pink is the best colour.


i'm frickin stoked for this pink shirt. all of my threadless shirts are navy, black, white, or cream.... this will be just GRAND!


Aww, I LOVE this shirt! I just got it yesterday! It looks absolutely amazing.

The thing that sold me on it though was the color. The design IS awesome, but if it had been printed on some other more bland color, I wouldn't have bought it. The color of the shirt has a LOT to do with how awesome this is.

So, I hope that Threadless doesn't see this blog, because I would love to see more prints in bright, bold colors!!

Dude, get this shirt. You will look like such a badass and get so many ladies in it. Haha.


After reading all that, I still can't wear pink. LOL

Maybe the reprint will be in blue like Madshadow said!

Now that I won't miss..hahaha

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