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This design basically represents my love for music and the way music effects the world.

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This design basically represents my love for music and the way music effects the world.


:D nice


I like the concept but not so much the execution. I wish it were less cartoon ish looking and had different colors. And fewer music notes so it looks like they're actually blowing off the dandelion, right now there are too many for it to look realistic.


i, too, love the concept. there is nothing more wonderful than sharing music with the world. very nice job.


I like this also, maybe bring the brightness and contrast down on the little girl, that might help.

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I agree, great concept, needs work on the execution part.


Nice concept, but I agree that it needs work. The girl should probably be less cartoon like.


Agree, less cartoony. But has the potential, if done right, to be quite pretty.


I would put this on a different colored shirt. Black or blue perhaps? And yes, I would redesign the girl. But just a little work and I would buy this! 4.


Love it. Make the girl more realistic, resub, and $5 :)


I Love This, $5$ but.... i would love to see an older girl, maybe 18 or something...


i love this concept. make a little less cartoon for the girl, and change colors a bit. still 5$ tho


Love the red tee! Agree with them ^ on the girl, wld be good to lay off the heavy black outline. For me, 4 for now, until resubmission.


The girl reminds me too much of the girl from Inspector Gadget.


I agree with MZahradnicek.


i agreee i wish it was less cartoonishh and change the colors too!


MZahradnicek hit it rather nicely. In terms of color scheme, I think a purple shirt would do this design nicely.

Part of me thinks that the girl looks a lot like Penny from Inspector Gadget. But someone else beat me to this punch!

A more realistic look could work. Perhaps even, not even coloring her in after the makeover?

You're on to something; play with it.


Dandelions are my favorite flowers!


I like the concept, but wish the illustration was better executed, perhaps more sophisticated.


its a really cute idea, not so sure about the girl


i love it because i love my music to. though the young girl is kinda a put off. something a bit more masculine would be cool

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