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  • by vagales
  • posted Jun 09, 2008

Watch this

... not to sound like a hater but someone submitted the very same concept already for this challenge


Maybe it was him ararejul. Maybe he tweaked his own idea. I totally love this.


When i submit my design 7 days ago heres no design yet... when i saw another submission similar i get devstated. I have to design another ideas.

Anybody tell me why Threadless takes so long time to post submissions?


i like this one better, though

Mountain Gnome

Those are some outsized fangs on that lion. I think that FM's design is better though. But otherwise nice.


I'm currently designing something with the same rule, so I think everyone is free to make same sort of designs, it's a love competition so there can always appear similar submittions.
I'm not planning to stop making my design, all the work for nothing.. (it's not with a lion though :-))


I like this one better. More wearable.

Laser Bread
Laser Bread profile pic Alumni

great simplicity, love the style too


like i said i didn't want to seem like a hater. just letting you know that there will definitely be a comparison situation going on.


This one makes more sense and is much cooler than the other design. I like it the best so far! Nice job.


my favorite idea so far for lomography

Arrow08 profile pic Alumni

haha great!


Isn't the point of lomo to NOT use the viewfinder or compose the image?

Fat Mouse

this is awesome

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

i swooped in at the last minute to 5 this sucker


i haven't seen the other submission that is supposed to be like this one but i'm pretty sure this one will get it
good job $5


Love it, love it, love it! $5


The other one is much better, better angle and pov


Thanks to everyone who writes your coments and votes. This is my first time here in Threadless... but no the last time. Thanks again!


ish like that poem by Shel Silverstein
funny :]


Good stuff!


i like the angle way better than the other one with the same concept... mad props. and you definitely clearly depicted a rule of lomo which is key to this contest. not gonna lie i think this one could win.

ana gomi

is the man holding a camera? i didn't get it first.. anyhow nice idea! think i'd buy a shirt :)


Not sound like a hater but this was is better.

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