The Ace of spades

A design for a best song to motorhead lol.

Watch this

A design for a best song to motorhead lol.


kool design, i like it


..... i like this because i could make a really bad nerdy "gambit attacked me" joke :)


haha, i thought of gambit too! I like the style but doesn't the ace of spades only have two A's?


really cool idea!


Haha, me too, I was totally thinking Gambit!
$5, if you take out 2 A's, and only have them in 2 opposite corners like cards usually have. :)


great perspective, i could just imagine how hard it would be to get it as realistic as that-- $5 :D


Yes it's cool, you have thinking about gambit, cool (sorry for my english lol), thanks for theses comments

Le Squale
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Forget Gambit. This one has Bullseye written all over it.


Seven on eleven.


love it, agree about just the 2 aces. i'd buy it tho


agree with having just two aces in opposite corners, or maybe just one, since one of teh aces will be inside my chest.


I really like this one...although it might have more impact with a bit more blood and if the card was changed to the Ace of Hearts.

If you get a chance to comment on my critique request, I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


I fully agree with the critique above me


The glint kind of annoys me at the top corner, I didn't know cards could reflect light like that from the corners.


i like it, but agree with all of the criticism above.
cool design though


love the idea, not so much the color choice.


its a a rizor blade card like the joker uses so the metal would gleam. i do feel the shirt is a tade plane. maybe a simple dark organic looking card design for a sudtle look on the rest of the shirt.


all of yours comments is great, i can try to make what you say


love the idea, and yes reminds me of gambit immediately. but i think the card should have it's corner into the shirt, not the whole one side. more blood and no gleams for me too but hey, i'd wear it.

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