Mission Accomplished

  • by beskid
  • posted Jun 07, 2008

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This such a great shirt becuase its about American politics. And therefore everyone in the world should own it.

Hi my name is

stop with the political bull shirts

whirzle1 profile pic Alumni

I'm glad this is an election year...


He looks more like Colonel Sanders than Bush anyway.


Thats what I thought to Eric but then I though maybe I was being crazy. Turns out Im not


we should make MORE political shirts, not stop. too many people in this country are unaware. i like this shirt but don't know if I'd wear it just b/c it's not my style.


Fake Account ---^


I'm not American and I like this t-shirt.

mezo profile pic Alumni

The text & phonetic spelling on this shirt is as idiotic as GW Bush himself.


i wouldn't mind seeing political shirts dabbled in with the food with faces and select disasters

this just isn't that well done


This is a place for art, not politics. I like your play on words Hi my name is.


If you want political shirts go to AKPress.

Since this is shirt is meant as "political" and not "art"...

This shirt does not make any real political statement that hasn't been made 1,000+ times before and in much better fashion. I feel that your talents could be better spent on finding a clever or original idea and working on that rather than join in with the pack another "Bush sucks in some way" shirt. Your other work shows that you have that ability but this piece is just beating a dead horse. A dead horse that has been beaten to dust.




I generally don't mind them, if they are somewhat original or thoughtful.

I think this recent rash of bad ones lately has be on edge.


listen to you idiots.

seriously, just reread your comments, skeev and iamnotemo.

which of cousre means you are emo.


Ya I was just joking. I hate them. But only cuz I live in Canada and any political shirt about the USA is dumb becasue it has no meaning anywhere else but the States


Why, because I said go to AKPress? I wasn't trying to say there should be no political shirts here, I was suggesting that one should go there for political shirts that are better.

Was it the AKPress comment?

The review based on his political statement rather than the art part of it?

Akpress has better political shirts.

His statement isn't original or funny or thought provoking in any way.

And I'm not a fan of the clip art design.

Maybe I shouldn't have prefaced by calling it "political" rather than "art".


no, none of that.

trying to regulate what is 'art' is like trying to find the middle of the sky. it's completely arbitrary and changes for everyone. just roll with it. the designs here, there will be others, just let it runs it's course. if it doesn't win, thats the loudest criticism of political shirts there could be. so just enjoy it.

political shirts and art need not be entirely separate.


looks like a shepard fairey rip-off


i like it because its busy and the colors mesh up well on the tshirt


Tired of the politics on the t-shirts. Not even relevant any more.


Isn't it a tad late to be coming out with this design? I mean, the man is almost out of power..

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yeah, the whole anti bush and anti war thing is sooo played out.... we should just stop and not provoke any further thought, kinda like when even one was so gung-ho to invade Iraq, soon to be Iran.

I honestly wish it simply had a bunch of dead babies on it (which it wouldn't be too hard to find those images, maybe some kids run over by Hum-vees) and simply said "be nice to America or we'll bring democracy to you". And I'd wear it every day.

Kepp making these political tees because the dunces that hate this are the same ppl who voted for bush and support his terror of war.


That shirt was already made, Democracy-We Deliver, it had a plane dropping it's bombs.

Also been a real good ant-war by John Yates called "Mom, we're home!" with a picture of the caskets coming back from Vietnam.


Some people just need to get out of their little holes and go see the world. There are many many many many more Iraqis killed by Iraqis than innocents accidentally killed by Americans. People should keep to subjects they are experts on. Didn' t you hear that an internal CIVIL WAR was averted? Do you not want people to have a life like what you have?

Good design and pun on Bush's lack of speaking skill, but I wouldn't wear it.

  1. Not a fan of the design.
  2. Political shirts have been way overdone. Also, Threadless is obviously not interested in printing anything like this.
  3. I'm sick of the comment space being a platform for people to freak out in ways completly unrealted to the design. Go blog about your opinions somewhere, this is not the place. Comment on the design and move on.

Kepp making these political tees because the dunces that hate this are the same ppl who voted for bush and support his terror of war.


They also eat babies.


i totally like your idea, but not so
keen on the design.

has no one else found that Bush's
face on tees has for a long time now
been comparable to the fact Che Guavara's
is officially the most reproduced ever??

It's getting a bit tacky.

Otherwise, the text is pretty funny,
& i think it's a decent effort - 3

Stan Gable

truthiness should be taken out, no colbert references
and skeev I'm not gonna bother picking apart your half-witted points
b/c I'm pretty sure you could do it yourself if you really wanted to




you WORK for KFC, don't you...


Is this SUPPOSED to look like the KFC logo? It really is an uncanny resemblance.


I think we've all moved past riffing on George Bush. Yeah, we all know he is a horrible excuse for a human being, but please, move on.

Barack the vote!


Seen this before, boring. c'mon, even if you agree with the message of the shirt, the design is'nt that good. At all-


Hmm, this design reminds me of imperial Japan as much as KFC. Is it based off a WWII propaganda poster or something.

It's a little hard to see the deatil. I think they're helicopter rotors in back, but they sort of look like threadless cliche #7: power lines. It's hard to tell.

Politics aside, I don't think it's a particularly interesting design though. It looks a bit too slapped-together.


Why is Bush at the center of Japan's Rising Sun WWII flag? This design makes no sense.


poltical shirts suck and this falls into that category.


this does seem more than a little politically incorrect for a t-shirt that's making fun of the president. also, white, is so generic-- get a little more creative than that!


There's no clear message beyond "omg bush sucks".
Also, I think the fact that you've mixed multiple political images (Japanese flag w/ soldiers fighting and propaganda style message) makes it somewhat incoherent.


Strangely enough, the text graphic along the bottom is the best part of the design. (I write 'strangely enough' because I'm one of the infamous 'lose the text'ers.)

Oh wait.....maybe not so strangely enough.

I'm not against designs which reflect on American politics. I'm not against shirts which are critical of the current federal regime -- hell, I even own one.

But let's face it, for a political shirt to win, it has to pack a great big pile o' whoopass. And this design, alas, ain't it. It's just a bunch of visual cliches with an amusing slogan.

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