Oh the hours of fun to be had with a casio, I can do shell and boobless also.

Watch this

Oh the hours of fun to be had with a casio, I can do shell and boobless also.


the design is a bit small though...


Boo to the signature. I like the sketchy version of this better than the technical ones that have been submitted in the past, though.


Penny Arcade already has this shirt.


Too bad this has been done elsewhere.


id buy


great... and we can do the same portuguese! 50135 :D


the glarkware one is lovely but a completely different style, and i would rather burn my design than have it compared to any of the poop on the penny arcade store (although it is the same idea). i was unaware of either of these designs but frankly the number of designs that i see coming through threadless that have vector women draped across a swirly background etc etc i think that i feel ok about some other similar things being sold on some sites that i have never heard of.

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I think the point people are making is not that you copied anything, just that it's been done already. You have a point about the women shirts...but do you see them getting printed either? Same reason.

I did laugh when I saw this though, does anybody watch Extras?


fair point my friend, rush of blood and all that. And yes i do watch extras


plus (just to be one of those people that cannot let it lye) i was just meaning that you see a couple of those designs every day so no one has an excuse for making the same tired designs over and over, but i do appreciate that it has been done before and that for that reason (plus the fact that people might not like it) it wont get printed.
on another note thanks to everyone for commenting and as such a positive is that unintentional plagiarism draws debate (kind of)


Clever. I have a lot of friends that would love this.


ha, i can write hello and lessies.
how mature i am.


forgot about hello but genius for lessies!

Kevin S.

I know a certain math teacher who would love this


Any math teacher who WOULDN'T wear this deserves to have their class skipped. Although I guess I could understand a female teach not wearing it (in class at least.) Ahhh, this brings back memories.. nice werk!


hooray for breastisis -- like this one way better than the glarkware version, $5


I don't think that this t shirt is in proper taste and I doubt threadless will accept it due to it's lack of taste.


i am sorry that it offends you ckyckr, oh no thats right, actually, i am not.


Hah! I see what you did there... :D

Laser Bread
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Inherent and cool $5


I personally think that the shirt would look a lot better if the calculator was a tad bigger.


I've seen this shirt somewhere before.


that has been discussed before up the top somewhere


This made me laugh out load in my cubicle!


Can you make it upside down, and bigger. I think I've seen this somewhere else...


oh my, you haven't yet entered the world of scientific calculators and real letters!

I think the calculator should be twice as large, down and right!


been done... moving on


haha love it
and original


LMAO...with such a simple joke, you make anybody get a good laugh out of it...nice drawing, but I wouldn't put it on the center...

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