Science Kills

  • by xenos
  • posted Jun 04, 2008

When science goes bad. This perpetual motion experiment is thirsty for its next victim, so beware!

Watch this

When science goes bad. This perpetual motion experiment is thirsty for its next victim, so beware!


cool concept, but it looks really bland


on the green. i imagine it might look cooler it the design was a bit smaller and maybe with some more silhouettes of people standing farther away behind the one. i dunno..just an idea.



LOVE the idea but I think the art needs work, either more realistic or WAY less


the art seems a little awkward, and i'm not sure why. but it's a super sweet comcept


I LOVE tippy drinky birds!! I have one! lol.
I think he needs a feather tail on the back of the ball of the glass...mine has that, and it looks super cute. :)


hahahaha this is great


i totally forgot I had an account
hey x, it's ben.. just lettin ya'kno

As for the tee, it's great |
We all have styles that are ultimately the same.. even though ppl assume they can tell someone else their style is 'bad' because it doesn't match what they do or like. I enjoy very selected but fortunately I enjoy this very much. 5 buddy.


okay, here goes.

2 mooseysavage: I appreciate the comment on the concept and I agree that the design may look flat, but thats because I had to work with 8 colors. I have another version of the graphic which utilizes way more colors.

2 cellspin, scottofthedead, ShelltheShark: Thanks for the creative crtis and I will keep them in mind for my other designs.

2 PedestrianX: Now that you mention it, I thinkg that one in our science class did have a feather tail too! However, when I tired to dig up some reference material on it, the one I found didn't have it. Oh well. Nobodies perfect.

2 supersweet: Thanks!

2 flofosho: Probably one of the best compliments I have gotten about my art in a long time. Thanks for helping me keep things in perspective...


I Really Love The Concept, But I Think It Needs Work :)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Really nice idea, I just wish it was without the big red "x" underneath the person and to maybe have the whole scene drawn from the perspective of the near the man on about to be pecked, to see the bird towering over him as the man puts his hands up to shield himself from his inevitable fate. Awesome concept!


2 WHOREROR & FRICKINAWESOME: Thanks for the input and I think I will do another illustration with the same theme later.

FRICK, I completely understand what you mean about the pov, but for a t-shirt, I went for the easy translation.

Doing it through the pov of the guy is more fitting of a poster than a shirt. But thats just my opinion.

Oh, and the "X" on the ground is supposed to be the lure to the guy. As in, he has had no idea what is gonna happen nest, which is why he is not shielding himself. Hope that explains it...


hahaha sweet

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