Earth went down the sewer

We just can´t have enough save the earth shirts, right?

Watch this

We just can´t have enough save the earth shirts, right?


bigger and on green!


Ya you might be right about the T-color but I kind of like the size


Cute! I think it looks quite good on the dark blue tshirt.


Interesting idea, like the Earth puddle but not crazy about the character...


cool, I like a lot !!!

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I agree, bigger and the character isn't as appealing as the awesome idea of earth going down the drain. also, maybe make little splashing or distressed parts of the water where the character has their hands in it? Good stuff.


Great design, but I wouldn't make the character smile like he's enjoying it.


there is no mouth on the character at all since he is looking down , but my god your comment made me laugh.
what if he was smiling that would be sick, but yaaa funny
I was going for a simple character since the whole plan was to get the message in a blink
thx for all the friendly critic and comments


I love it on navy, but would like to see it a little bit bigger. Still, 5$ for you. Very simple yet powerful.


like the concept, don't like the kid.


Cool idea. Not a fan of the kid, though.

Wow sorry to repeat exactly what knude just said

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I think llamarocket thought the nose was the mouth...?


I actually think you did an awesome job with this! And I particularly like how you added the subtle recycle symbol to also help with the message. Nice job!


I like the kid. I like the design as is.


Wow get so many nice comments is inspiring
yes I know but the funny thing is I did not see that possibility until llamarocket mentioned it. And now it just cracks me up every time I look at it :)


I love it.

Is that supposed to be a kid? It could be an adult. Maybe change his clothing, make him look more casual. Good job.

Don't like the kid. Otherwise, it's awesome.

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A utterly disarming statement of what our children's futures look like if we don't change our ways. Conceptually brilliant, I personally like it exactly the way it is. $5

If it doesn't get printed (seems there's some dislike for the child illo) please try another illustration and submit again.


Thx allot for all warm words. I probably wont rework this since I just wanted to try something on threadless and get the feeling of how it works, I got other things that I like to sub here but you never know there are plenty of rainy days in my town:)
@the I don't like the dude people
I think it might look strange without him? hmm maybe we can X him out with a big black marker.....


really cool shirt
i personally think that the kid makes the shirt way better
now...if he WERE smiling...
then i'd prolly be scared of the shirt, but i'd still buy it...
i thought it was really funny that he thought the child was smiling
nice shirt..$5


Great idea man... Id like to see this printed. (I think the kid works too)


i like the artwork a lot, but i would not wear it because it makes me sad and i like shirts that make me smile.


I love how the kid is just watching the earth go down the drain. Nice.


Well, Africa always goes down first, aint it?


wow, extremely symbolic. too real to wear though.


Its an amazing feeling to get comments like this on your work . And it really helps me to see what other people think when looking at my designs.
Thx all threadless people, I will make sure to submit more designs:)



Good message. The kid does look a tad out of place, I'll agree, though... Nice work however.

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