Sizing changes for Girly shirts since swap from AA Brand? + STP Tradey!

I haven't bought any Threadless gear since they switched to their own shirts, I'm wondering how the sizing has changed. Yes.. I can check the charts but I'm at work and can't compare my shirts. I just want ot know if the Girly M is bigger/smaller than it used to be.. Just a rough idea would be muchos appreciated.

Also, I'm thinking abut getting a hoodie of the print Accute Invasion - If I wear a girly M and I like my hoodies loosish - but not HOOOOGE what size would you recommend? : D

oh and of course... I'm about to check out once I get this thing sussed - So anyone wanna do the STP tradey with moi?

Thankies ^___^

Watch this

yeee i do

im gonna buy tomoro or next day but i will for sure get u back


o and btw haha not that i take a girl size but it is a bit tighter than it used to be says my sister, but a much better fit


I dunno if I'm the only one or whatever, but I was a Girly L in AA, but had to go down to a Girly M in Threadless brand. I bought 2 Girly L's in Threadless, and I can still wear them, but they are a looser fit. So for my most recent purchase of "Renaissance," I went for the Threadless Girly M to see if that would fit better, and voila, it's perfect. SLIGHTLY smaller than the AA Girly L, but still a better fit for me.

Now I'm sure someone is going to reply in a few minutes saying the exact opposite of what I just said. ;)


I want to know how the new tee's fit around the chest area


nvm i had to stp someone else :P


I'll tradey with ya. I'm planning on buying a couple of shirts tonight or tomorrow.

Oh Rainbowbrite, I'm a 34C and I just have to stretch out the medium a tiny bit for mah girls to fit.


I think the new sizes are much longer than the old ones. I just got a Medium Girly in Renaissance and it's 3inches longer than the medium i bought last year, Day Of Reckoning and 2 inches longer than the A Fathom Farewell that came in the same order today... In other words, the Renaissance is REALLY LONG!

As for Hoodies, I've only tried the Extra Small, and it's not baggy, If you want it loose at least try a Small or maybe even a Medium


Yeah, I agree that the lengths do vary with Threadless brand, and tend to be longer than AA. My AA lengths vary, too. I'm wearing Hitchhiker today, and it is SO much longer than my other AA ones. Weird how they vary so much.

jet approves

if you wear a girly m AA, the medium hoody will be too big for you. i'd say go with the small.

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