I was really happy to see this reprinted. This design cracks me up. I can't really explain why though. but it's on Lemon. Why? I don't like yellow! Then again, lemon poppy seed muffins are tasty and this color thus applies that flavor to the muffin in the design. hmm... I'll have to think about it.

Watch this

I have to agree. My skin color does not work with yellow, especially not this shade. I was so excited too.
Oh well.


I would also really like this shirt. But not in yellow. Why do crappy shirt colors keep getting chosen? I'd love just about any design on pink at this point.


I hav nothing against yellow just against Lemon. with this sacred design.


i agree about the pink shirts...when is a new design going to come out on pink??

Batteries Included

One thing you learn about threadless is that when you start wearing shirts of obscure colors often, people don't look at you so oddly when you wear something very very strange.

Shinku Hisaki

Did that even make sense? Either way, yellow still sucks.

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