Lovers Libation

Watch this

can you make the bottle a bit more wine-ish? i thought it was hot sauce or something? or is it?
really cool idea


This is my second sub! YAY! :)

Originally it was to express the emotion of sharing wine with friends!

It kinda morphed into a more abstract design... Which means?!? It means whatever you want it to!

I've made an effort to make sure you don't miss one of the best parts! The little people dancing in the wine!

Thanks for reading this whole thing! AND Thanks for the folks on the forums for helping me get this bad boy off the ground!


deeply artistic yet attractive to the common eye. definitely a YES for this design.. =)


Before i read they were people, I thought they were guts.. or red brain. I fail.

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Lovers should not be libating in public like this. But being SWEET makes up for it. $5.


LOL! I'm glad people are enjoying this design. :)


Yeeha! Wine Dancing! Let's go cowboy.

Like the design too!! Maybe a bit smaller? I -do- like small prints. 4.5!


Thank you Maaikrpaaik! I'm a fan of smaller designs myself. Unfortunately as a designer, I seem to like small details, which don't lend themselves to small designs well. :) I've got a few in the pipeline that should remedy that though! Check my critiques. They should be updated this weekend.

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Leaving for Charlotte!

Hey, will you do me a favor? If my designs gets posted while I'm marrying or honeymooning, will you copy and paste this under my design?

Here is the detail.

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I think if you just copy and paste that sentence, it should keep the link, too. See ya when I get back! Thanks, buddy!

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If you see this, Mandafish, could you do it if Thornsberry doesn't? Hasta la pasta!


No problem Jay! Congrats to you! Have a beautiful and relaxing Honeymoon!


I love it, but would prefer on a different color tee.


The contrast in this design is perfect for the black background... the other two suggestions just wouldn't create the right pop to get all there is to get out of this


very nice, tho i wish the hands were inverted.


I like it, even though it gives me the heebie-jeebies for some reason. I guess it's a good kind of heebie-jeebie.


probably the idea of drinking little people... ;)

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