why do hairdressers never get it right?

it's like they have a different system of measurements than we do or something. they always cut too short. i mean i've never heard anyone say "omg they cut my hair the exact length i wanted it!"


on the upside, i'm seeing kayce tomorrow yay! and tyler! and steve on thursday i think yay! they'll get to see my horracious haircut boo!

Watch this

Sometimes, I wish I could be a hermit for several weeks following a haircut so my bangs have time to grow back in.


kelsi- haha yes todowtyler and kayce are going to live in my house for a day.

I'll take a picture because i need an 'after' picture to go with the 'before' picture i took earlier. but remember, you can't unsee things! ahaha.

toshie- yes! i wish i could do that too!

Malcolm Man

Awwwww! You look cute!!!!

But yeah, they NEVA get it right!


I'm afraid to move away from home, because the person who cuts my hair here has known me almost my whole life, so she knows how I like my hair cut, and she does it for free.

When I went away to school and then to Texas, it was like haircut horrors.


I dont know man my hair dresser does a pretty sweet job shes never messes up

sonmi profile pic Alumni

that hair is way too super cute!!!! i love it

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

Mine got it right. But it's normally 190 bucks for that privilege.

I get half off coupons. =D


190 to get your hair cut! fuck that shit

Steve The Great

I thought it was wednesday, no?

oh dear.

Malcolm Man

lol @ Steve being informed on Hanna's hair appointments.


its wedhaha aww thank you, you all are super noice. i always hate my haircuts times a million.

steve, it is! they're just coming in tomorrow.

Malcolm Man

lol @ me not knowing what people are talking about.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

whoa 190 is crazy expensive for a haircut. i usually spent $19.


haha i didn't4werase the thing to steve before i wrote to everybody else

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

awww, i would totally give that hair a noogie!

Malcolm Man

" Pathan Nagel on Jun 02 '08 at 9:47pm
i cut my own hair"

I've been thinking about doing that


Your hair looks amazing on you. I think it looks perfect, but if you don't like it when they cut it shorter than you want, just tell them a longer length, they'll cut shorter than that and it will be just what you actually wanted.

Steve The Great

it's good hair. I will compliment you when I see it in real life.


it's cuuuuuuuuuute!

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