Great shirt! I love the idea and the coloring. Shouldn't it be "ornithophobia" and not "ornitophobia," though?

Watch this
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Also - no capital letter for the turd one. I do like it though.


Doh and doh. Hope this will be reprinted sometime in the future with these issues fixed.


I'm not sure my anal-retentive nature could handle that.. damn, I liked this shirt too.

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Thank you so much for pointing this out. One more shirt I no longer have to buy.

Hooray for having slightly more money.


Strangely, in the original submission, the capitalization was fine.


Ah man..i just bought this shit too and i am wayyy too ocd for non capitalisation. Maybe I could give it to my brother..


are you way too OCD for spelling too, 'cause now I'm not sure if you just bought this "shirt" or this "shit? =S


Stop being asses!
The shirt is great... of course I'd be happier if I've never noticed it, but I bought it anyway.
The next version should get the corrections, and hope radio be a little more careful in the future (I assume no staff modified the design)


I loved this shirt too,but I'm a total grammar snob :(


Same. I like this shirt except for the random poetry at the bottom --- pimp your poems on your own time!

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