In Loving Reverence

Thank You,

I just want to express my gratitude to all involved in this. The print was handled exactly how I saw it in my minds eye. Before this begins to sound like a poorly acted acceptance speech I will add one last "thank you" to everyone who wanted to see this printed just as much as I did.

Feel free to find your own meaning here. Yet always keep in mind when wearing this shirt, you must show the utmost respect to all those around you. First learn how to accept your fellow man, then the rocking shall commence.

"And oh as I fade away,
Theyll all look at me and say, and theyll say,
Hey look at him! Ill never live that way.
But thats okay
Theyre just afraid to change."
-Blind Melon

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EZFL profile pic Alumni

the print is so huge. it looks great. i might have to buy one for myself.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

congrats jeff! awesome shirt...

sonmi profile pic Alumni

awesome one jeff!

Monkey X
Monkey X profile pic Alumni

top notch print!

ladrones profile pic Alumni

we did it!
go team!
its always nice to see a revised winner


Looks good. Ganesha looks better with the mouth closed but why did you turn Muhammad around?


Ah, I see in the resubmitted version he says he changed Muhammad to Moses.

farflung profile pic Alumni


dacat profile pic Alumni

super congratulations!


The print was handled exactly how I saw it in my cyclops eye.

congrats, you!


Wouw... This a GREAT design. I wish Threadless and you could make a print of it!
This must be my next T-shirt and, as a start, my desktop wallpaper.

Grats Ellsswhere!


I love this shirt.

I love all your designs, I hope you get printed again, and again, and again...


One of the shirts I most anticipated... finally printed!
Thanks! This is truly a wonderful design!


haha, it would be a sin if this did not get printed!

empiricist profile pic Alumni

Congrats, one of the coolest shirts I have ever seen!


Finally got printed.
Should be at my doorstep any day now. :]


This really is one of the best prints I think I've ever seen here. Visually and conceptually. Kudos man, I'll be ordering one soon.


Got one comming. Looks great

Hardcore Grapefruit

This shirt is amazing! I love the concept - and it was rendered really well!


this is blasphemously good! either its world peace or ... (left for interpretations).


farflung profile pic Alumni

i bought two


i just ordered one. this is an awesome South Park's 'superfriends' re-definition!


Was SO happy to finally be able to buy this.

Congrats too on Lemon Aid, which I'm pretty sure has the highest score I've ever seen.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

please email me


honestly i am glad u made this shirt cause that shirt is actually my religion i believe that the religions potrayed above should all be worshipped together that christianity should ackowledge buddha as a profit with equal respect as jesus and same with muhammad and that they should recognize the Hindu deities peace and love war for religion is not religion its just war. Great shirt so buying it maybe even buying more than one

love boat captain

just noticed the song quote for this shirt... one of my favorite songs ever!
oh, and this shirt brought me good luck on my calculus test... true story.


i love you, love boat captain! :D


Can't we all just rock?


I like to think of it as a tee of acceptance and love.


Is the Guy on Bass Moses or the Muslim Prohpet Muhammed???
If its the latter, it could make wearers of this design targets of Muslim Rage


squatterjohn on Jun 02 '08 at 1:53pm
It's Moses.


this is so awesome. i love it so much because it describes how i've felt for a long time. but... my size is sold out zomg! i need one...bad...


wow, love it! And I'm glad there were no negative comments. This shirt really does have a good message (at least in my own interpretation). :)


Awesome shirt Jeff, caught your bro Brian wearing it the other day and HAD to have one for myself... while I was shopping I ran across Descent too... sold out in mens, so I bought it in a larger size in womens because it is great too!!! Thanks and keep up the designing...


Hey man! just a great work its going to be one of my fav collection. Thanks!
Greetings from mexico!


I absolutely love this shirt, I agree with many here that it describes my views better than words often can and as such remains my favorite threadless shirt.

Sadly though, I am about to wear my first shirt completely threadbare and would love about 4 more.

Lets vote to get this reprinted so it can live on all of us for a long time to come!!


this is soooo me!!! thaz my views right there...BAM!!! reprint plsssss!!!!

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