Belt Printing

  • by c0sm0s
  • posted May 30, 2008

For anyone else who has ordered this shirt, has your belt printing been not-so-perfect? Some of the trees on the back of my shirt are half gone or distorted in some way. I mean you can barely tell and the design is still amazing, but just wondering. Great job Paper Crane!

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Torakamikaze on May 30 '08 at 12:00pm
thats how belt printing rollzzzzzz boyeeeeeeeeeeee


I didn't notice it at first, but I see what you mean. Some of the trees are a bit faded, same with the front. But I still love the design!


I have the same problem.. but I think it makes it a little unique. :D

I'm very happy with it.


On the back i've got some distortion too. But that's not my biggest problem! The tag says guys M (which i ordered) But i'm 100% sure it isn't a guys M. It's more like a Girly M. I can't even put it on!

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Dirkje - Our girly shirts have thinner collars and slightly bigger neckholes. Thats one way to tell.

Yeah, belt printing does lead to some inconsistancies... You just got to remember that this will make your shirt one of a kind.

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Good angle!


This is what it looks like when i lay it over another threadless shirt:


Wow, thats a really big difference....


Yeah, my belt print was pretty messed up on the back and had some smudges on the front...


Dirkje, it looks like you either have a XS or a S. That's definitely not a medium but it's definitely not a girly tee either.


I just got this and I'll be shipping it back. It has way too many defects. On the sleeves it looks like the shirt was folded in areas when it went through the printer and in other areas there were ink bleeding spots. sad :0(


mine's (girly 2xl) definitely a size smaller as well. which wasn't what i was hoping for since i decided this time to order a larger, less tight-in-the-hips one this time.

my printing has the same effect but i don't really care.


long is good.
just fold it up and sew it if you have problems since this print is versatile.

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