Dear Lord!

This is fantastic,

Upon first viewing this shirt I was disgusted, not at the shirt at all, but rather at a small box below the size charts that said "My Original Submission." In said box was a tiny orange "1."

"This can't be correct," I said to myself. "There must have been some sort of mistake." But upon further reviewing I noticed that yes, indeed, I had scored this wonderful design a "1."

No! How could it be?!?! Believe me, I am just as outraged at myself as you are. So on this online world that we call Threadless, I would like to apologize, for my ridiculous behavior in the act of scoring this wonderful design.

So here it is world, "I'm sorry."

I just hope the gods will smile upon me once again.


Watch this

Don't worry, a few other people confessed to the poor scoring of this design. I probably would have done the same, just because its hard to imagine how good a shirt can look based on the sub.


Sold out in guys medium.

Sad day D:

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