THREADSPOTTING (05/23): Round Here

Fridays before big weekends, huh? Lemme hear it!!! Got some great stuff today and some people will be getting heaps of Street Team Points because of it! How do you get these STP's?! Lemme tell ya. Send me your Threadless tee sightings to and include a photo and your username! Threadspottingbot 5000 picks a few for me to peruse and use and then voila! We highlight em here and make everybody happy! Lay some happiness on me...

This one was a total surprise! Adam Duritz from Counting Crows wearing FallRevolution on Good Morning America this morning!! Thanks Michelle for the spot and not letting this one slip by! Truth be told, there are some fans around here! I pity the poor fool who speaks ill of CC in the presence of the tall Mr. Shimala.

Pandamonium on the set of the new Weezer video for "Pork & Beans!" Hilarious btw! As is this interchange between Kelly (shoes) and Dan. Thanks Sheree, Jiwon, Dan, & Toshie!

And lastly, Casey sent us a link to this cool video, Burst! The fella there with pin hands is sporting Alphabet Zoo! Aw yeah!!!


There you have it! Have a marvelous extended weekend!

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Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

dammit! I just sent the kelly video you people are fast!

congrats spotters!

dacat profile pic Alumni

holy shit!

jublin profile pic Alumni

adam duritz and i are accidentally in love. weird! :/

this weekend is graduation weekend! no more school forever! this blog needs more alice cooper.


yay! :)
whats a STP?

is it a street team point?

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