Erasing Hands

Erasing hands.

A little twist on M.C. Escher's 'Drawing Hands'.

Hope you enjoy it:D

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IDK- good idea but it seems like a really big rip off of him. :/




been waiting for this to go up, looks great!

staffell profile pic Alumni

not a rip off, but a tribute

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to the naysayers:

take the time to compare the two drawings and realise this was sketched from scratch

Robotic Moose

Does Escher really need an additional twist?


^^^good one.


Oooh spiteful fingers. I like it.

And don't let the critics get to you. I had a similar problem where I redrew a classic piece of art from scratch and incorporated it into a design, and I got downright accused of plagiarism. Some people are just ignorant.

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As much as I loathe Escher, I can't ignore this awesome tribute. Great work! 5


I love it, but I feel like if I wore it it would look like they were erasing my boobs :( It would be a great print though!


It's up! nice! 5


To now publicly announce my complete lack of general education: I have no idea who the Escher dude is. (Wikipedia here I come), but if you really did this, and i believe you did, you are beyond amazing. You're hypertronic-amazing. 5 upside down and inside out.

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I like it and don't consider it a rip off. I think it would be funny if there was a reason that one of the hands was erasing he really messed up his drawing (extra finger?). 4 from me.

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Very nice twist indeed. Top marks.

jstumpenhorst profile pic Alumni

great tribute for sure and as mentioned earlier take a couple of minutes and compare to the escher drawing! this is a very well drawn, original spin on his work. no different than many of dozens of shirts that get printed referencing star wars or numerous other pop-culture themed subs. the only difference is that i think this one is done much more successfully. great work!!


I like it. It's a well informed and executed design. 5 from me!




I like to think that the hands are in a struggle of life and death! they are trying to rub the other guy out! (badoomsha)


Print on black!


NthNinth on May 29 '08
I love it, but I feel like if I wore it it would look like they were erasing my boobs :( It would be a great print though!

those erasers do end up in unfortunate spots for girls... cute idea, but not on my chest...


I agree with Abby, I think you might have some copywrite issues here. Sorry


I like it. I don't see a problem with the aforementioned legal issues. I'd rather see it as a print than on a tee, though. 5


I agree that this is not a rip off but a well executed tribute to one of my favorite artists of all time, next to Salvador Dali and Dr. Suess!


Oh yeah....$5!

Alex Tree

This is amazing...very well done!

i know very little about art
i know very little about art profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the support guys!!
And... is it a tribute or rip off? Well, the major point here is the concept twist, I made my own drawing as well( thanks for those who compared with the original one). There are no copyrighted logo or symbol being used. If there's any copyright infringement that's because I know very little about art(copyright)...


I'd have to agree with abbyday, it does seem more like a rip off to me. I know that the drawing is not copyrighted, but I feel as if you're only using his idea, maybe you could expand you know? Take the idea farther.

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Oh, and ckyrckr, i think this is taking the concept way further. Instead of just the hands drawing one another, the hands have made mistakes and are erasing one another now, in effect erasing their existence.


imposter is a bich...all real artists copy ideas and modify them. anyone who tells you that their idea is 100% original is lying to you.
so again that imposter chick is a bitter arty woman who is bitter because she has smelly vagina. in her pic she looks like she doesn't shower much.
stupid woman...go cook!


very nice! i'd be trying to get the eraser shavings off all the time! 5


There is no copyright issue. Parody is protected under the law, and this, to me, qualifies as parody. If this was a modification of Escher's drawing, you may run into a thicker jungle of legalities, but since this is an original sketch under the guise of understood artistic imitation for comic purpose, there is no fault.

snaggle tooth

Print, Tee, whatever, this is sold before it's printed.

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