Move Without Boxes

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Nice but heh?

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

love the tie on the guy

keep at it!

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

It seems I'm a bit late for the party! Well, this is my first submission. Please love me.

Description: "It just seems like people weren't made for cubicles."


Nicely done, but lacking.


Lacking the hand to backslap Pizaz with!


Awesome.......good luck man!!!!$5$5$5$5$5$5


yeah this smokes - when can i buy it?


i like maple origins...

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

Buy it? I'm just hoping to last 24 hours and 30 minutes.


This is great! 5


I want to write a poem describing my eternal Love for this design. This is without a doubt the best thing I've ever seen on threadless. This WILL be printed, or I'm getting physical.


yay jermaine!!

I Am Mevil

Really cool looks like a band shirt. $5


I'd prefer it with the "Move without boxes" text and without the "move" on the little pieces of paper.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

as I said in the crits I like this one a lot its got nice movement and teh bit of blue really pops


This is cool, love the blue on the guys tie! I for one hate my cube!

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

Yeah, I hear you, BP. In the crits, the text was in and out a few times. Someone even suggested putting on the back upper neck. Meh, who knows? I think this was my best shot.

Thanks lovely people! Here's to 24 hours and 40 minutes!


I can't tell if it has the text or not? I like it with, but it's still cool without. My fav so far.


Nicely done. Makes me want to break out of my corporate world! Let me know when it is time to sell.

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Looks good. The only thing I would suggest is defining the edge of the face where it overlaps the arm, looks kind of jumbled there.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

it has a classic feel to it -

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

You people are awesome! And I can't believe Isa dropped in. Speaking of dropped, here comes the 24 hour mark . . . a moment of silence, please [unless you're voting, you people can go ahead].

At least we've got the memories, right?


i guess i like the idea but i find the design to be too vague; it needs more definition.

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the feedback, noahbility. I definitely see what you're saying, as a handful of people have missed the concept entirely. I guess I could have added a few more elements to make it more easily understood.

Being that the design is so messy in and of itself, I tried to keep it as simple as possible. I guess I might have held back a little too much, huh? My hope is that the simple aesthetic is pleasing enough to bring some satisfaction, even without a complete explanation.


good sense of movement in the image , but I feel like something's missing....

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

Thanks, Ikarusmyancestor. Guess I'll try harder next time, huh?


Inclusion of a well done swing=priceless

I kind of liked the text... agree with BP.

Wonderful. $5


WHEN this is printed I am certainly buying it! love love love it!
I actually like it with the text too. Though I can understand why you might not want it, seeing as many people here seem to be hardcore anti-text. ;]
great design, I can't wait to see more from you

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

Looks like it lives another day . . . for now. Thanks for the support and encouragement, everyone! Off to bed.


very nice, love the text


Perhaps this is weird, but I think the model sporting the T is kind of hot . . .

Er, um, anyway.

This design makes me feels all warm and fuzzy inside. Like, "We CAN do it! We can fight our corporate giants and win!"

And then, we can go swing on swings.

Um, I don't want to appear vague. I really like the design. ;)

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

I just noticed a little wonkiness in the placement on the sample shirt. As of now, think of it as it looks on the model . . . a bit higher, I think.

But I'm nothing if not flexible.

Thank you good people!


Nonono, it's not messy. I really think that this one's great! It makes me wanna go swing in a swing! Isn't that enough?

Oh and if I haven't made myself clear: I hope you drown in 5's.

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

I can think of no better way to go. No wait. Maybe something involving Chicken Alfredo. But I can only think of one better way. Thanks, Nymeria!

For your previous poetic comment, and this one involving death, you receive top fan honors. :)

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

Thanks for all the support, everyone! Just awesome. Even if the final score doesn't show it, I'll know I did something right.




yea the blue tie is great

Ehud L

you did something right alright! lovely styled shirt. I'd wear this and get lade because of it! But people here dont like text with their images. Damn you illiterate people.

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

Haha, Ehud. Thanks for the help in the crits.

Ehud L

illeterate... eeleterate...? oh shut up

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