• by mazzaji
  • posted May 20, 2008

Hope you guys like it.

Watch this

Hope you guys like it.


LOVE IT!! I want it now please. :-) $5!!!!

Jessica L

concept is lovely and beautiful, but i feel like the execution of drawing the woman needs a little work and refinement. it seems like some proportions are a little off and the work seems a little sloppy. clean it up, tighten it up, it'll be a solid sub.


I agree with Jessica L - the execution on the woman is letting down the design. Also, maybe she could be wearing something a little more flowy and romantic to pick up the breezy feeling of the design - otherwise this is totally great!!!


Yes, i'd say the same than Jessica and LittleLou, the face isn't that welle drawn but the global view is nice.


agree with all of you, the face needs some work but otherwise I like it


I love the girl as she is, but what you have doesn't come together well. This whole design confuses me. I love the idea and what you have but like what JessicaL said, its slopy. Very good try, though


I like the hair effect lots.
Very nice idea & lovely look :o)

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