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Angelic Ardor

My first Threadless submission. Hope you all like it. This is on a heather gray shirt so I'm hoping the contrast comes out well. Cheers!

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My first Threadless submission. Hope you all like it. This is on a heather gray shirt so I'm hoping the contrast comes out well. Cheers!




the only issue i have with this is that his right arm is shadowed to the point where i initially mistook it for part of the wing.

Ian Leino
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very nicely rendered. I'm looking forward to more of your designs


Thank you, I'm looking forward to doing even more - I like this site better for this kind of work as compared to woot. As for blueflamingo... trust me when I say the right arm looked worse with not as much shading (not enough contrast). But thanks for the comments :)


Is that a towel he's wearing or weirdly sewn shorts? It throws me off a little. The entire first impression of this design threw me backwards into my chair. This is still great art, and you have skill. 5


The right arm looks a bit odd to me as well, since the rest of his skin is so light. But beautiful art, and I love the placement!


Yah! U r right Nymeria, it's really look like he's wearing a towel than a short. Anyway I do like the art. Good job!


no need for the wrap around really.. i don't think, unless it eventually looks awesome on the shirt.. the artwork is awesome anyhow.. is that the character from tekken?


looks good - issue with right arm
feel placement could be higher

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You have the art skillz for sure! I really like how this is drawn, and wrapping around the side is a nice design decision. I just don't know if it has that IT Factor. Might need to work on telling a story more with your concepts. But, wowza, you got the artwork down for sure.


yes, is that a towel he is wearing or some sort of odd shorts, also I would like to say that his right arm looks off a bit.


Regarding the towel/shorts issue - it was originally a nude... but that wouldn't quite fly with Threadless, so I drew him with shorts. Those didn't look quite right so I reworked it with a towel like ancient gladiators used to wear. they weren't full length so the warrior could retain mobility. Now I'm thinking I should have just made him wearing pants because of all the confusion. thanks for the positive feedback :)


I love it as it is- it's beautiful! I would buy as is but what about the drawing as is grey on a black tee?


lack of originality. isn't that Devil Jin from the Tekken arcade game series?


WANT IT SO MUCH$$$$$$$$$$$$$$5555555555555555555

Kay the Great

The placement wins at life.
Print, plz.


I REALLY like this shirt. And you totally succeeded on the contrast with the heather color!


me love... now make a female! lol

5 5 5 5 5 555

I Am Mevil

I really like the actual idea of the gladiator towel thing but it looks really funky :(




LOVE the concept. Especially all of the shadows. I'd buy this. $5


lack of originality. isn't that Devil Jin from the Tekken arcade game series?

Mmmm... Looks like you never played the game... He doesn't look like Devil Jin at all!


look at the hair. well maybe not the exact match, but the concept is basically taken from Tekken. enough said.


Would've been better if you'd said nothing at all.


kinda reminds me of tom cruise. and i think hes meant to be wearing like... a loincloth or something...?
wouldnt buy it, but its very good. beautiful wings.


very good art work. not so much as a shirt though. its kind of cliche.


i usually never like shirts like this but i like it



I Frikken Love it!!!!



yeah, you should maybe try and make it either pants or look more like a towel, and the heel's a little pointy, but overall I'm really impressed with this!


Thank you all for the positive feedback and comments... as this was my first submission I was a little leery of how it'd all go down, but now I'm excited to keep on submitting here. Even if this design doesn't print, thank you all for the compliments and constructive criticism. Oh, and I am going to do a female version too ( in a different pose of course) :)


He makes me swoon..

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