Try Not to Panic

Poor fellow.

Watch this

i like it.... but... I'm not so sure about it at the same time...
perhaps its the font, or the tee color...


I don't think this should be on black... I also think that the text is unecessary


Oh fuck, they pears!


I think the text is kitschy and the pears are funny. Only thing I might like to see change is the tee color- maybe another option? $5


I like it:)


i like it too.


like it but the colors coud be better
plus i'm not into big prints but the idea is funny


I love the look of horror on their faces


I reallyam not fond of the text. Or maybe it's just the font face I am unsue of.


Looks like someone needs to read HGTTG! The pears, I mean. Not crazy about the font. Having it "jumbled" helps. And more texture in the roots would compliment the textures in the pears and leaves.


Hee hee, this made me smile, which is a $5 :o)


not bad, but too many colours! itll cost heaps if its printed!


I also think the text is unecessary, but it love the design :D


oh yes, this made me smile. love those faces:)

B 7
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This is AMAZING!!! why does everyone hate text so much?It's good sometimes, as in this case.
I love everything about this, the colours and the illustration style are really attractive and i would DEF wear this cos i suffer badly from panic attacks and i need the reminder! $5 fo shiz!


very nice, best without words though


i love the text! i wouldn't like it as much without it. people seem so anti-text on this site, but sometimes text really makes the shirt- it makes it grab you. i agree with b7, i love this shirt exactly the way it is.


this is really funny, i like it! i don't think the words are needed though.


Funny! But since there's so much going on with the design, the words can afford to be simpler: less words (Don't Panic!), simpler typeface (sans serif) and placed at the bottom perhaps.

OR, you know what, it just might work without the words! Your visual can speak volumes.


Dont worry lil guy buddy christ will save u

J von Cupcake

I'm gonna jump on the no-text bandwagon as well. I absolutely adore the terrified li'l pears - their facial expressions actually made me giggle aloud. I really don't think you need the text, it'd be nicer without. If it would be just the drawing, I'd most definitely buy this. Either wel, great job!

J von Cupcake

um, that had to be 'way' instead of 'wel'. Blame it on the examstress or something.


its great the way it is $5


Here's why the text doesn't work: it looks tacked-on and ugly.
If you painted the words out of the root system, it would be brilliant instead of a nuisance.

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