oooh, reprinted

  • by gemmabear
  • posted May 19, 2008

yay! let's hope my name is spelled right in the label this time...

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So apparently it was a no-go on the spelling correction. It's still one of the few shirts I have wanted since day one and I was so so excited to get it. Off topic, what do the labels in everyone else's reprinted shirts look like? Mine is part gold part black and I don't know if that's just normal or what.


I love this shirt, though on my trip via D.C., I have had to explain it several times. The guys at Trader Joe's in Foggy Bottom really dug it.

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Cassykins - A gold label earns you a free shirt if I remember correctly (not sure about a partial gold, but give it a shot!) I had one and thought it was rather odd a long long time ago, and remembered that I looked it up and took a pic and sent it in to them and got a free shirt out of it.

Gemma - Sucks about the name for sure, but you make cool things and you deserve the reprint, keep it up

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1535 days later

Talk about resurrecting a blog, haha, that is one for my personal record books!

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