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Proudly presenting… THREADLESS PRINTS!

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted May 19, 2008

Yes! Finally, you will be able to adorn your walls with awesome Threadless designs!

Starting today, we will be releasing three new THREADLESS PRINTS every Monday. Hand-numbered and in super limited initial runs of 250, these 18" x 24" sweet pieces of art are screen-printed locally onto high quality paper from French Paper Company. We've taken great care in their development and creation, and of course in their sturdy shipping vessels (as seen on Tee-V), so they'll arrive safe, pristine, and ready for framing. Priced at $35 apiece.

This week's lineup:
Infinity MPG
Permafrost Pollution
Tree Town

Designers! Have your printed tee design chosen to be a THREADLESS PRINT and pocket an extra $500! Be sure to stay tuned for more fun PRINTS developments over the next few weeks.

Show off your favorite designs not only on your body... but also on display in your home, office, or wherever!

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Joe Flip

Yeah i get mine. Signature is 'Ae' , not a number...what does it mean?


i guess it means Artist Edition


Ed and Tan - yours are both fantastic. Best so far!


Wow. I just noticed that these prints get you a new image under your 'Check out my winners' section.

Can I has print one day please?

Monkey III

Thanks Aled -- It's true
I got the best hand now!
The Pocket Rockets, Bullets, American Airlines...


i wants a fast supper print

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