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Fountain Eye

  • by johnsonz
  • posted May 18, 2008

I had no specific meaning in mind when making this, it's open to interpretation. your comments are much appreciated, thanks everyone!

Watch this

I had no specific meaning in mind when making this, it's open to interpretation. your comments are much appreciated, thanks everyone!


So it's like a doodle with an eye?


ooohhh an eye... (sarcasm up to interpretation)


Super positive yet useful feedback on a submission, such news!
(Trying to be the half sarcastic as some masters above are).

I think it's an interesting surrealism :o)
Some people would like and some people don't, the main thing is you enjoyed doing it.

I'm a bit fed up of the rude "for free" people.

And my apologies if my grammar isn't ok at all, but English is not my language (it seems I paid my disappointment here, sorry for it!)

Good luck :o)


yea it's a just a doodle, no specific meaning


I like designs where alot is going on, the snake and the bird is truly neat! 4

NJz Kollectionz

I love designs like this, doodling random crap. This is the best one I've seen in a while, good luck! 5$$$


sarcasm is the response of immature adults or typical 12 year olds. artists who submit to this site know that sarcasm provides no helpful feedback and is just a useless waste of space. i'm surprised to see subbers use snotty remarks for "feedback".


by the way, johnsonz, doodle on!


Eyes are the only part of the human body I can even remotely draw. I like the doodle, and the odd perspective from the eye. Boo on snarky people.


The computer generation of this drawing is awesome! Obviously I would totally buy this shirt and I like the fact that this design is so engaging. Yeah, maybe it doesn't have any specific meaning but sometimes that's the best part about art; leaving meaning to whom ever is viewing. Keep these designs coming, you know I'll score you a $5!!!


i really like the parts with the snake, the plane, and the skyskraper.

Jessica L

excellent -- i think it's very aesthetically pleasing. i especially like it on navy $4


i like the sand better, it's pretty trippy XD


THIS SHIRT IS SICK! definitely the coolest eve seen I love eyes and doodles but this is seriously beastly. Send me it when they print it. they will.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
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It's like the eye is vomiting up the modern world and all its insanity on a tee! I like what you've done here.


The colors are really cool :)

NJz Kollectionz

I wasnt being sarcastic (delayed response). I really like this!


Boo on Snarky People! Amen, and it should be a T.

You draw much better than I do Johnsonz, so I think that should be your next undertaking. Maybe a ghost or 3 hovering a bunch of very sour-faced curmudgeons (sp?). I like this shirt! Not enough quality work is done on Sand.


Amazing! I really the it on sand. great work :]

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