Fountain Eye

  • by johnsonz
  • posted May 18, 2008

I had no specific meaning in mind when making this, it's open to interpretation. your comments are much appreciated, thanks everyone!

Watch this

I had no specific meaning in mind when making this, it's open to interpretation. your comments are much appreciated, thanks everyone!


So it's like a doodle with an eye?


ooohhh an eye... (sarcasm up to interpretation)


Super positive yet useful feedback on a submission, such news!
(Trying to be the half sarcastic as some masters above are).

I think it's an interesting surrealism :o)
Some people would like and some people don't, the main thing is you enjoyed doing it.

I'm a bit fed up of the rude "for free" people.

And my apologies if my grammar isn't ok at all, but English is not my language (it seems I paid my disappointment here, sorry for it!)

Good luck :o)


yea it's a just a doodle, no specific meaning


I like designs where alot is going on, the snake and the bird is truly neat! 4

NJz Kollectionz

I love designs like this, doodling random crap. This is the best one I've seen in a while, good luck! 5$$$


sarcasm is the response of immature adults or typical 12 year olds. artists who submit to this site know that sarcasm provides no helpful feedback and is just a useless waste of space. i'm surprised to see subbers use snotty remarks for "feedback".


by the way, johnsonz, doodle on!


Eyes are the only part of the human body I can even remotely draw. I like the doodle, and the odd perspective from the eye. Boo on snarky people.


The computer generation of this drawing is awesome! Obviously I would totally buy this shirt and I like the fact that this design is so engaging. Yeah, maybe it doesn't have any specific meaning but sometimes that's the best part about art; leaving meaning to whom ever is viewing. Keep these designs coming, you know I'll score you a $5!!!


i really like the parts with the snake, the plane, and the skyskraper.

Jessica L

excellent -- i think it's very aesthetically pleasing. i especially like it on navy $4


i like the sand better, it's pretty trippy XD


THIS SHIRT IS SICK! definitely the coolest eve seen I love eyes and doodles but this is seriously beastly. Send me it when they print it. they will.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

It's like the eye is vomiting up the modern world and all its insanity on a tee! I like what you've done here.


The colors are really cool :)

NJz Kollectionz

I wasnt being sarcastic (delayed response). I really like this!


Boo on Snarky People! Amen, and it should be a T.

You draw much better than I do Johnsonz, so I think that should be your next undertaking. Maybe a ghost or 3 hovering a bunch of very sour-faced curmudgeons (sp?). I like this shirt! Not enough quality work is done on Sand.


Amazing! I really the it on sand. great work :]

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