HOW Design Conference?

is anyone attending the HOW Design Conference in Boston??

I'll be there with bells... an older co-worker who has already shared...

A) that he does not drink beer
B) that he does not go to bars
C) that he does go to bed at 9:30 p.m.

...annnnnnd will most likey be checking in with his wife hourly.

lemme know!

Watch this

Well, can you really blame a guy named Bells?

olie! profile pic Alumni

I think me and Bells would get along just swell

spacesick 2

well I'd love to swing by and hang out, but I'll be spending the weekend with my girlfriend while her dink of a husband is at some lame-o design conference in Boston!

melh696 profile pic Alumni

ahhhh, how i've missed the sarcasm and snarky comments :)

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