Boar Drool

  • by Donkeykin
  • posted May 12, 2008



Watch this




so is it too esoteric and weird for you?
its a guys shirt, or for kids
maybe it needs a mountain

it is four colors on red
lettering done with halftones

is the word "boar" too intellectual? haha

"wild pig drool" doesnt have the same ring to it ...


this one is on dark gray, a little bit simpler style

gimme some feedback people


ok eurocool

give me some pointers


very cool


cooll coool cool

Mr. Raab

I like the fact that it reminds me of an old horror movie poster, but Im not sure how it works for a shirt


the red one is more like blood instead of drool .. its true
its supposed to be more like retarded heavy metal
but cool

look at the first version
black on red


I know the lettering needs help
too much half-tone
but generally
what do you think??

Ehud L

Thanks for your comment. I think, generally speaking, that you have to be a very specific person to wear this shirt. It has a grotesque quality to it and a feeling of one of those sleezy horror movies. If I were you, I'd look at old horror movie posters and make this design into a homage for that culture. Who knows? If you'll do it right you'll do to T-shirts what tarantino did to movies

Ehud L

It also looks like a pic you would see on the national inquirer next to the two headed babies


Maybe its the red that has people talking about horror ..

because for me its more about




Ehud L

lol... well, if you want to communicate with other people (i.e - make a design they will like) yo should listen to what they have to say. It's not just the red, it's the grotesque image


you should do work for old school grindcore bands.


So injun ninja got me thinking about a negative version and I think its looking better

less horror, more drool
I hope

6 colors

so is it better on black or white?
any other ideas?


might change the wording from "Boar Drool" to

"Black Tusks of Doom Metal"


"Ride the Black Tusk"


The drool is funky looking to me
Like, oldschool funky
I don't really get what the concept is, but it doesn't seem to fit in my opinion

My friend likes the first version
Like, the original v1 red and purple version.

I prefer the negative version but I'm not really digging the green, that's probably just preference though


Thanks for the feedback

do you like the new lettering, or is it too "old school"?
and maybe I should ad a body on the boar coming from below?

The image is somewhat grotesque, but I think its funny too .. a guy's tshirt, like a retarded boar, crazy and drool everwhere
kinda heavy metal and stupid, but on purpose

what do you think? Too strange? Too gross? or cool???

Ehud L

Thanks for your comment. Dude, the problem here, I think, Is that this design isn't aware of itself enough. In this day and age, where most people have seen everything, you cant just do stuff that have been already done in the past without some clever twist to make it interesting. grotesque horror T's are a dime a dozen. Think about how you can make this more intelligent than just showing a pig drooling and then writing what you've shown. I admit I dont know what you can do coz I dont really relate to this genere of culture. good luck!

jaywalkergraphics profile pic Alumni

Does seems a little esoteric to me. The whole drool thing just doesn't draw me to the design. But like Ehud said, it's hard to critique this genre, because I can't really relate. I don't know if you're hoping to vote well, but it seems like completely disgusting doesn't have a good track record. Just my $.02.




Sorry dood :(, Jaywalker is on the money here. It isn't going to fly. Of course any design can be turned around, but in this case it would be a dramatic change. I still think the concept is funnier than slot of the silly puns that get pitched on this site, but its a different kind of humor. Around here this design would be used as a benchmark of what not to do, so you end up being A) a good natured designer that's playing a joke. B) a good natured designer who is the butt of the joke. It's really up to you how much time you invest in it. Either way, boar's drool will always have a special place in my heart, err, salivary glands, or whatever. :)


Are you boared yet?

The Absentee

I think the font looks a lot better, but the rest of the image hasn't changed, either in tone or in concept.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's pretty cool, but as others have said to make the concept more original would take a huge change.

Personally, I quite liked the negative version :)


thanks for the feedback

threadless isn't so adventurous, but of course they want to sell tshirts .. its a question of style

do you know any other similar companies to Threadless looking for a more edgy style??


Freak out with boar drool

too far out for Threadless .. probably

seven colors on red



I'm not sure about the body
its white

everybody is so obsessed with race


haha, I like him.

I would like to see the arms coming out of the shirt look more like the texture of the boar using the black and pink with red showing through. Still human shaped, I think that would help break up the bright white a bit and pull the two elements together...
just a thought.

Ehud L

better. love the sunglasses. I'd say lose the white silluete and add a background of a remote primitive farm with all sorts of redneck peolple and animal trying to be cool by adding weird accesories on top of their filthy exteriors. There was this old MTV spot with a family of rednecks which beats one of its members in the ass with a ping pong racket for not being cool enough. That is the place to aim this design in my opinion.

AND LOSE THE TEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yeah I can see how the text is more like the name of a band or something .. its too obscure, although I think its funny

I'm thinking about adding figures, simplifying the sunglasses (though I like the boar's face through the glasses) and creating a little scene .. those kinds of shirts sell on threadless more than this punky simple retro style

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