Need help! I cant post a slogan!?

I cant post a slogan,they directed me to a plain site. nothing happen. whats wrong? how do i fix this problem?

Watch this
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it has to be a good one or they refuse to accept it.


Prayer can fix it for you
Prayer is the most you can do
Prayer can fix it for you
Prayer, that's what you should do
And before you let the devil win
Go back and pray again

Verse 2:
Prayer is a powerful weapon
That the Lord has given to the saints
Men ought to always pray
and not faint
the effectuate fervent prayer of a righteous man
it availeth much

Verse 1

Keep praying don't stop praying

And before you let the devil win
Go back and pray again


hahaha.... oh ok..
well..the site that they directed me was this blank plain white site. there's nothing on it. just white background.
could it be my server?


just kidding. Your slogans went through, they are on the slogan page

so yea, looks like prayer did fix it! woo jesus!

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There's been issues with slogan submissions for the past few days, maybe you have to get lucky, but in the meantime i suggest to write them down so you don't forget them and hopefully they'll fix it soon


yeah... finally got it out of spontaneity..
thanks rooster sauce! you're very funny, made my day .. :) keep on praying..keep on faith.
thanks for the info againstbound. appreciate it so much.

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