As a Fat Metal Head I'm Offended!

lol not really but threadless sure has gone to crap over the last few months I'd say.

Watch this

vermouth please


from far away I thought the person screaming was a sausage haha


I agree with you. Threadless had gone to crap I havnt bought a tee from here in while and if i did it was an old tee. They just arnt that clever anymore. They could have come up with something better for this without it ofending people.


There is more than enough polite stuff on threadless elsewhere... I like this design!


I think this design stepped the line.. but I disagree that all threadless tees have gone dodge. I bought one the other day!!


When I first saw it, I thought it was a Misfats shirt (they are a the self-proclaimed "fattest Misfits tribute band ever").

I'm not kidding either. Check it.

jmeaspls profile pic Alumni

I can't look at this shirt
it's painful:(


kindergartencow, i thought that too! hahaha.

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