Already Skinnier Than Original

Unfortunately I see that Venus in this drawing is already thinner (more "modelesque" by today's standards) than the one in the painting, even before she has had her cosmetic surgery done. I think it would have made a better statement to keep her proportions the same as the painting (chubbier and without the very small waist) behind the lines denoting slimming her down, so the contrast between what once represented the "ideal" beauty vs. today is more highlighted.

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i thought about that, but the design looks so good as it is. also, it highlights the fact that women who are healthy by today's standards are still taught that it isn't enough. or maybe it isn't even about that. who knows.


They ate a lot of McDonald's back then.

Creepy Sheep

Yeah, that really annoys me. I really love the idea, but without Venus at her original size the concept is dead.


also, there is no need for amendments to the constitution. it was perfect when it was originally written.


But really. I think it's fine the way it is. When the Venus was originally carved, it was the pinnacle of beauty in the standards of those days. Now, the Venus drawing we see here is more along the standards of which we know today. It is more appropriate to see a figure we see as beautiful receiving the kinds of treatment in this design.

Steve The Great

yeah, back in the 40s (when the Venus was orignally carved) they actually carved out their canvases to reproduce certain qualities of light. Imagine how many knives Michael Angelos used when he carved the Sistene Chapel in 1942!!


Agreed. It kind of changes the meaning of the T-shirt, if it's already been slimmed down "more along the standards of which we know today." Yeah, uh, wasn't that supposed to be the point of the design? It's too bad because it's pretty and I might have bought it if not for this defect.


Sure, we could go back to those standards of beauty, if you'll go back to throwing your shit out the window from a bucket.

olie! profile pic Alumni

massive lol @ Venus being "carved"
gosh that brings me back to the lobster cake incident
iDan you are hilarious X^D


lolz. i'm silly. i'm thinking of the venus de milo.


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btw talks in hippopotamus voice from Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law didja get that thing I sent ya?


I think the way she's shaped matches the cartoonish style of the design. Also, the orignal Venus has really, really long toes.


Original Venus also didn't have tats, but there you go!


Long toes? Really?

I think this is perfect as is. I'm a little disappointed to see she has been slimmed down (looking at the original it's clear to see, especially where her calves have been slimmed), but I don't really care. This shows a beautiful, healthy woman who still isn't content with herself, and people who aren't content with her beauty either. Are people really going to look at a shirt and compare it to the original painting? I very much doubt it. This shirt still sends an awesome message, and I honestly don't think the fact that she's already been "slimmed" a bit is an issue.

Also: tats???


I find it sad too... and rather ironic. Our modern sense of beauty still managed to seep into the design.



I agree with phyntosia. The design is still A+, I didn't even noticed that Venus was slimmed down. It might have been even better if she wasn't, but well. Still gets the point across.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Did'ja ever think the artist didn't want to copy the original to the exact Venus in order to avoid copyright issues? Slightly thinner or not, we still recognize her as she is.

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ISABOA profile pic Alumni

just ignore this blog dude


looks again Wait, I think I was wrong about the calves, both pairs look the same size to me. Those are very long toes, though. Oh, and I see the tattoo! That's well hidden, I never even noticed that before. :)

roadkill3d, I really hope this blog doesn't make you feel bad. The size differences are so minor, and even if there are differences this design still makes exactly the same point. Maybe even more so! :)

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

this blog is full of shit and you all know it


did you guys even stop to think that this was accidental?
and not a big deal?


I thought I was the only one who noticed this. Honestly it does disappoint me a bit, because I love the figure of the original Venus, but I assumed it was - as bobo so perfectly said above me - not an intentional choice on the designer's part, just merely a stylistic quirk. I also don't think it takes away from the message or beauty of the design.

In short, I'm still totally buying it when I'm all cashed up.


No offense to the ladies, but I wouldn't wear this if it was a naked fat lady.


i think i remember a design with a fat lady...

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

You've got it all wrong. She was on the atkins diet which took a bit of weight off, but she couldn't maintain it. So she got lipo and shit. It was a last resort and she worked hard for that money so she can spend it how she wants.


Besides, if she was exactly the same as the original, there'd be a blog about how the designer just traced it and didn't draw it himself or do any work or put any thought blah blah blah blah.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

haha don't get it all wrong. I din't refresh the page as to explain why there was a double wow comment which means wow why didn't I though of that? Maybe I have a subconscious standard of what women are supposed to be like these days? Maybe? Or maybe I was too drowsy to draw a straight-copy of venus? Or she was onAtkins diet before she went under the knife as what Tonteau mentioned... so many possibilities


It wouldn't be Monday without somebody telling somebody what's wrong with their shirt.

Creepy Sheep

I love the concept, and the design's very nice looking. If it weren't based on a world famous painting, I wouldn't have problem with it (although I might wonder why the lady hadn't started out a normal size (and I do mean normal, not fat, because this girl's a Barbie), considering the point that I would think the design was making). But, it is a very famous image, and the associations with the painting are necessary to the design, as it means so much less without the lady being Venus, the ideal of feminine beauty, but the thinness just leaps out at me. It seems odd to make a change that weakens the concept of the design...and I really don't know why this has got me so annoyed! Probably because I'm avoiding the writing I should be doing...

I don't buy often, but if she'd been original size, I'd have bought this.

Creepy Sheep

And I'm only being picky because I love the idea and I'm a perfectionist. And I've had too much coffee... really like the style too, but you should know naked ladies in the context of ideals of beauty are always going to be controversial.
I need a cookie to dunk in my coffee...


berrynoir, I was thinking the exact same thing when reading the blog how the Heavy Metal tee is a John2 ripoff. OMGZ roadkill, stop biting on Botticelli! :p

Also, I didn't notice the tattoo 'til just now. This tee just got awesomer!


Guys! See the plastic surgeons around her? Notice the name's called "Rebirth"?

Anyway, does it REALLY matter?? This isn't rocket science. If you like it, buy it. If you don't, well, then don't. It's not a great matter that requires fantastic moral dilemma and debates. It's simply a fantastic shirt. Period.

roadkill3d - thanks for a great shirt!




I think the creator took liberties as an artist to make her skinnier than the original painting, and I see nothing wrong with it. I don't think it takes away from the meaning, and it just puts a bit more emphasis on plastic surgery "obsessions".


Am I the only one who thinks she isn't that much skinnier anyway? Unless you have the original standing side by side with it, I don't think someone's going to look at this tee and think "why is Venus so slim?". Also - the original by Botticelli isn't fat either. Anyone calling that body fat is crazy.

Anyway, got this shirt in the mail last week and it's spectacular. Roadkill3d, I'll post a pic soon :)


this blog is funny!

life is peachy

what about the dotted line around her body? can this signify some sort of intended shrinkage from the original?

life is peachy

it's an excellent shirt either way, i'm excited it's on it's way!


mezo: I really don't think Boticelli's estate is in the habit of filing copyright lawsuits. plus if they were, this kind of depiction would still be a violation anyway.

I love the design, btw.


many people are upset that venus is thinner, but yet no one seems to be upset that she has a tattoo. i personsaly love the shirt and think that it gets it point across. it makes sense that people dislike this timeless beauty being changed abit but i don't think that roadkill3d was purposely making her slimmer. i think that the thinner Venus better shows how sily out standards of beauty has gotten. anyways, fabulous shirt roadkil3d. kudos! ^_^


...copyright? despite the fact that the concept didn't even exist when this was painted, it would still be a liiiiiittle expired at this point.

also, sweet shirt. first new design i've really wanted to buy in a long while.


I adore this shirt! It was pretty much my favorite birthday present this year. (Although a friend of mine did steal a bit of my faith in humanity when he laughed and said "haha look a boob." =P)

I like to see the outer outline as where she was, and this as a view of her having to get even more surgery. Never good enough.

And how did I not even notice the tattoo?! THIS SHIRT IS SO GREAT.

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