Yeah, she got another whale.

I was thinking to make a simple design, at first the only thing in my mind is, "I want to use a huge black image on the shirt". Finally I chosen a cat, because they always impress me, especially their expression.

This is my favorite shirt of my Threadless print, thanks Threadless!!

And this is look really cool for me, SoulfumeInc's kitty.

Watch this
ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

it's my favourite of yours too.

olie! profile pic Alumni

congrats man! Even if I preferred the first version it's still a great design.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Alumni

Cheers ginette x2!

Olie, I believed there have some reason the first one haven't get printed, I not sure what the reason though.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

i love this so much!


I fainted when I saw that this got printed. I became aware of this submission only a few days ago and fell in love with it immediately. I am definitely buying one.


I absolutely love it! I've got four black cats of my own, and am currently fostering two four week old black kittens. Clearly I am in desperate need of this shirt. Thank you for making it.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

COngrats FM!!


congrats man it looks great i just ordered mine cant wait to get it

Richard_Lee profile pic Alumni

this is such a fantastic image. congratulations, FM. awesome work


This is the first new design that has really grabbed me in a while.

I hope a t-shirt is an acceptable anniversary gift!


I just want to say that this is THE best shirt EVER. I have a black cat that looks like the ones in the picture, and I am always joking about whales. It is so delightful/strange that this is a shirt. I absolutely can't handle it.


haha! just saw this blog! nice dude!

Flying_Mouse profile pic Alumni

I serious :) I like a weird and detail thing, I always try to do something like that, always failed though.

the ballet cats
the ballet cats profile pic Alumni

im so buying this and spread cat lovin


This looks just like my cat, Esther, who ran away a couple of years ago...God love 'er. Same short hair, same expression...I love it! :)


Is your design only sold here? Because I was at a store called TK MAXX which sells a huger number of labels and deigns at a smaller price. They basically buy clothing from other labels/companies and sell them when they go out of season. Anyway, I stumbled on this:

It is defiantly your design.


Literally any time I wear this I get asked "where did you get this? its amazing"-type comments. Its so cool!

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