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teehee - cutecute!

although i didn't realize it was dragons at first, i thought it was dinosaurs, so i was wondering why the green one was dirty, and what was with the bubbles??

but then i got it a second later and i am now back to "cutecute!" :)

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A little flame coming out of the blue dragon's mouth and perhaps a lil scorched earth around the green dragon would have sold this more, but i like the concept and i like how the whole scene comes together. Good job sire, for like the 8 billionth time!


horrible design. if the design was larger, then it would be MUCH better


my only problem with it is that the dragons are facing each other...if children were to ride these things they would get hurt.

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haha i love how chrisrizzo calls this design horrible because he thinks it's too small.

my favourite part of this is how you treated the background elements, but i gatta agree with duracell that the dinosaurs are just a bit too close together to be functional but i understand that compositionally it works better this way. so i guess it's a moot point.


you sir, get a high score for awesomeness


maybe a diffrent color??


Love this; great expressions


must have! $5


Awesome job. The background was nicely handled and those characters are ace. $5


omg. this is soo great.
love it.


I thought they were dinos at first...but yeah...awesome


they remind me of bubble bubble… glorious arcade game of the 90's!

kyle cole

Nice, I had an idea to make a playground come alive, but in mine it started attacking children. This is better!


so cute. Awesome!

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Ooooh...I see. At first i thought blue girl dragon & green boy dragon were in love (mistook the dark smoke scribbles for sloppy hearts over blue's head). This design could benefit with some orange or yellow, to mimic heat. And also, drop the blue stroke on the white puffs of smoke. I love the depth the light blue background creates. 4

Shinku Hisaki

Neat! I thought they were dinos too but I'm still okay with that.


These guys really remind me of the Bubble Bobble dinosaurs. LOL

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ha.. love the design.. the faded jungle gym in the back holds it together nicely.. good job..

critique mine?

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So intriguing and a big smile when you get it. Really nice illo, looks great on the shirt

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