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Hi! Im an illustrator yet Im brand new at this tshirt printing world. I have a ton of questions in terms of technical information. To be more specific: I usually draw everything by hand and I love the feeling of a hand made drawing yet when it comes to translating that into a "printable" file I dont know what I am allowed to do or not. I've seen a couple of designs out there that look pretty much hand made. Can anyone give me tips on how to keep that quality for printing? I thought textures such as watercolors weren't allowed since they have too many gradations...
Anyway sorry for the rambling but any comments, tips or info is greatly appreciated :)

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with 'simulated process', which is a special printing method threadless has the ability to use, you can pretty much imitate any combination of colours. so technically you don't have to do anything to your hand rendered designs if you would like to go with that method. most of my designs are made digitally but with scanned textures and paper patters etc so i always add 'to be made with simulated process' under my designs.

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